Foil Board Sky Rider Sroka 5’2 – 5’5 – 5’8 – 6’3

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Sky Rider foil board 5’2 – 5’5 – 5’8 – 6’3


We know that everyone has a unique sailing style and needs. To achieve this, we are expanding our Sky Rider range in 2021. Each of our boards is a model of versatility, so that you can fully explore all that foil and its disciplines have to offer. Whether it is Wing Foil, Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wind Foil or Wake Foil, the Sky Rider can be adapted to your needs:

  • The Sky Rider 6’3 is perfect for beginners in both Wing Foil and SUP Foil. Its mast foot insert will allow you to evolve into Wind Foil. Please not that it has no wingfoil footstrap insert but it has windfoil inserts.
  • The Sky Rider 5’8 combines an accessible and compact shape to offer an ideal compromise in Wing Foil. In SUP Foil, it will delight more technical surfers. Please note this model has no wingfoil footstrap inserts.
  • The Sky Rider 5’5 allows even the lightest beginners to discover Wingsurfing. The others will see it as a high performance and evolutionary board capable of making you discover new sensations.
  • The Sky Rider 5’2 aims at Wing performance. The Sky Rider 5’2 aims at Wing performance. Its short shape will also allow you to easily start Surf Foil and pumper efficiently.

We have put the best of French know-how at your service and offer you a choice of two models: the full carbon sandwich or the fibreglass hull sandwich (+1kg). Our boards are made in Brittany and tested by Bruno Sroka, the founder of the brand. Developed with local shapers and hydrodynamic engineers, our Sky Rider guarantees an exceptional level of quality and strong commitments deeply rooted in the spirit of the Sroka Company.

If you want to know how to get started in Wing Foil, it’s this way. If you are still hesitating about the Wing Foil pack to make you fly, don’t hesitate to read our article on the subject by clicking here.

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Discover the new Sky Rider Sroka range


New design

For this year 2021, we have made a clean slate and started our design from scratch. We wanted it to be as pure as the feeling you get when you fly freely on a foil. We have chosen a unique colour and pattern to set the tone: that of purity, dynamism and elegance. This case always contains a Made in France construction, ready to deliver all the performance you dreamed of in all possible conditions.


New pads

We want to offer you an innovative design for an outstanding comfort.
of our new pads will fully immerse you in your flying sensations by guaranteeing you an exceptional and gentle grip. Its pattern will allow you to easily find your bearings, combining design and utility.


Simplicity, durability, performance

We want our boards to remain both masterpieces of simplicity and jewels of performance. They have a single double US rail connection to the coast, so everything can be done quickly and well, whether on land or on the water. We have perfected our hull with a double concave at the front and a worked cut out, so that your surfing is no longer interrupted if you hit the water. The hollow deck will allow you to lower your centre of gravity, for increased stability and performance in manoeuvring. The wide shape of the Sky Rider allows them to take off easily and ensures comfortable and precise support in flight.


How do I choose my Sky Rider foil board?



Sky Rider 6’3 and Sky Rider 5’5

Sky Rider 6’3

The Sky Rider 6’3 (192 x 73cm) is certainly the best-seller for starting out in Wing Foil. Its volume of 120L allows anyone to get started in complete stability but also to take maximum pleasure once in flight thanks to its reduced length. Compact, stable and easy to control, this board will also accompany you as you progress to an advanced level, giving you a feeling of ease and smoothness in your surfing. Its versatility is unique: its shape is just as much an asset in Wing Foil as it is in Wind Foil thanks to its mast foot insert, but also in SUP Foil and in Wake Foil. If you are a beginner or are looking for a board to do everything, the Sky Rider 6’3 is the ideal candidate.


Sky Rider 5’8

The Sky Rider 5’8 is the little sister of the Sky Rider 6’3. Its volume of 105 L and its dimensions of 177 cm by 71cm make it easy to discover the unique sensations of flying by Wing Foil, then continue to get the most out of your sailing. It is thus an extremely evolutionary board, which will accompany you for a long time. In SUP Foil, The Sky Rider 5’8 is the key to all the spots you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, with its compact shape and pleasant volume. Whether downwind or surfing, it will adapt to all conditions so that you don’t miss a session. Its reduced length compared to the Sky Rider 6’3 will make your pumping easier, your curves more radical and your sensations more intense. With its comfortable volume harmoniously distributed under foot, you can connect endless waves effortlessly.



Sky Rider 5’5 and Sky Rider 5’2

Sky Rider 5’5

The Sky Rider 5’2 (167 by 69cm) has been designed for speed and handling in Wing Foil. Thanks to its volume, it remains perfectly accessible without waterstart for practitioners weighing less than 85kg. Once in the air, its small dimensions and compact shape create an incredible flying experience. Handy, fast and light underfoot, it will accompany you in all your sessions and in all conditions. Its ease of pumping will allow you to switch from Wing to SUP Foil without difficulty. In surfing, it will turn on itself thanks to its short length to allow you to engage aggressive bottoms. It will also make an ideal board for Wake foil.

Sky Rider 5’2

The Sky Rider 5’2 is all about performance. Its stocky outline and small volume (158 by 66cm and 80L) will take you further than you ever dreamed. Thanks to its double concave shape and deep cut-out, it will make you take off immediately and recover instantly if you come into contact with water in an extreme manoeuvre. Its super efficient pumping will allow you to reconnect the waves effortlessly and surf with incomparable fluidity. It is aimed at those who want to move up a gear in Wing Foil and possibly practice Surf Foil.

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