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The Easy 10′ pack is composed of a Stand up paddle, an aluminium paddle and a leash (variable colour). We have developed this pack to give you the opportunity to discover the SUP at an affordable price. Easy to assemble and prepare, the Easy pack will answer all those who want to learn about the SUP. A central fin, which gives great lateral stability and easy storage will seduce you in this pack. We offer two sizes: an Easy 10′ and 10’6 pack. The smaller sizes will choose the 10′ and the taller ones will focus on the 10’6.
In addition, the orange anodized aluminum paddle is removable, the orange color is a guarantee of safety because this paddle will remain very visible and easily spotted on the water in any situation. In addition, the leash allows you to connect the board to your foot if you fall into the water. This will prevent you from rowing too much to get back on your board.

This is a complete package that we offer to introduce you to Stand up paddle with the reliability of SROKA products.

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Inflatable Stand up paddle Easy 10’x31 young

The right felling : Easy

We kept the same balance we had achieved between stability and glide. No extra accessories are needed to make our board rigid. We’ve selected the best drop stitch technology and PVCs on the market to give you maximum rigidity. We’ve redesigned our boards to make them unique among their competitors. With its 80 cm (31″) of width, the Easy 10’x31x5 inflatable SUP give you the best compromise between stability and glide.

Its weight of 8 kg is the good compromise to get pleasure and to get the best glide ever.
In addition, we provide a bag for safe and easy transport of the product.
Come and discover this new range in store or discover the Pack Easy range from SROKA company :


  • ROCKER : constant curve that allows you to easily acquire a maximum speed.
  • RAILS : soft and round on the wingspan of the board which provides a very pleasant glide.
  • VOLUME : homogeneous volume, the 5′ thickness allows to be more stable on water.
  • OUTLINE : 31″ of width in the middle of the paddle maximise the stability
  • TAIL : the square tail allows to increase the stability
  • NOSE : 10 cm of rocker at the front of the board facilitate the passage of the chop.
  • FIN : single fin.
  • RIGIDITY : ++


A bag is included to get a optimal storage. The conception of this bag allows to get access and a storage of the SUP board efficient and fast.
Details of the all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use :

  • Volume : 120 L
  • Very big space for the storage of the inflatable stand up paddle.
  • Ultra-light bag.
  • Confortable straps adaptable to your body shape for a safe wearing experience.

Our mission is to give you much more than a SUP board. We’re offering you an exceptional product, with:

  • A price that’s affordable for all
  • A unique design with uncompromising quality
  • A fin
  • A dual-flow pump
  • An all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use
  • A repair kit
  • Two-year guarantee on the PVCs

Every SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno Sroka (three-time kitesurfing world champion and adventurer). He prides himself on every product being high-end, easy to use, highly durable, and of uncompromising quality and practicality.

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  1. This pack it s just perfect for me. I m looking for paddle pack for my family to use only few times by year. This board is light, it’s look like very strong and durable. The Alu paddle is durable and the leash it s just nice. I tried last week end the board on the lake where i live and i m totaly satisfy about this product. If you are looking a cheap paddle with paddle and leash, buy it. It s the good choice.

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