Stand up paddle Malibu 10’x31x5 Girly Fusion

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The 10′ Girly is a high quality board to maximise your performance on the water.
We have designed this lightweight and rigid 10′ inflatable board using the Fusion technology. With a weight of only 9 kgs and 3 layers of PVC on the rails, this board has an excellent glide and speed.
This stand up paddle Girly is the new generation of high-end inflatable boards. It is made for touring and exploration but also to share unforgettable moments on the water with friends and/or family. It has the best compromise of glide and stability.
The inflatable stand up paddle Girly is highly creative with an original and unique design.
This will be your best partner to explore and have fun on the water.

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Inflatable stand up paddle Malibu 10′ Girly 



The Girly 10′ x 31” Fusion is an ideal inflatable touring board for you and your friends and family.
We found the best compromise of stability and glide with a stretched outline and small rocker to allow its user to have an amazing paddling experience. No extra accessories are needed to make our board more rigid. We have just selected the best drop stitch technology and PVCs on the market to have the best possible rigidity. The Sroka exclusive three layers of PVC on the rails make our boards far more rigid with a very convenient daily use. We have redesigned this range of SUP boards to offer a unique design among other paddlers.

The Girly 10′ x 31″ will be your ideal partner for touring and to explore new waters.


This SUP board has a unique design. With its 78 cm of width, it gives you enough stability to paddle for as long as you want. Its weight of 8 kg and its transport bag are ideals to take it with you everywhere.
The Girly 10′ x 301″ is also equipped of a US box, which allows you to change the fin if you need it.
A waterproof bag of 5 liters of volume is also included in the pack and will allow you to store your accessories safely while paddling.
In addition, we provide a deflated board bag for a safe and easy transport of the product.
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When quality meets innovation :

  • ROCKER : constant curve that allows you to fly over the chop.
  • RAILS : soft and round on the rails of the board which allows a pleasant glide.
  • VOLUME : homogeneous volume, the 5′ thickness allows to be closer to the water and more stable.
  • OUTLINE : 31″ of width in the middle of the board to maximise the stability with a pointed nose to split the swell
  • TAIL : the round tail increases the stability and maniability of the board.
  • NOSE : 12,5 cm of rocker at the front of the board facilitate the passage of the chop.
  • FIN : single fin with US box.
  • RIGIDITY : +++ because of 3 layers on the rails


A transport bag is included to offer an optimal transport and storage. The conception makes the board feel super light and easy to take everywhere.

Details of the all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use:

  • Volume : 149 L
  • Very big space for the storage of the inflatable stand up paddle board + other stuff.
  • Ultra-light bag made of 1680 D nylon fabric, very resistant to abrasion.
  • 7 mm of inner foam for an optimal confort.
  • Resistant handle.
  • High quality of wheels
  • Comfortable straps you can adapt to your size for a safe and light transport.

Our mission is to offer you much more than a SUP board. We’re offering you an exceptional product, with:

  • A price that’s affordable for all
  • A unique design with uncompromising construction quality
  • A US box fin + Racing Fin
  • A dual-flow pump for to inflate fast
  • A 5 litre waterproof bag
  • An all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use with wheels
  • A repair kit
  • Two-year guarantee on the PVCs

Fusion Technology:

Fusion technology is a primary step in the construction of the board. The upper part of the dropstitch PVC (dense polyester filaments) is fused with the second PVC layer. This high-tech technology has many advantages. On the one hand, it saves almost 2 kg (20%) on the overall weight of the board. On the other hand, it improves the visual aspect of the board by making it smoother and more pleasant to the touch. It also increases the longevity of the product by avoiding the peeling problems that can be found on some brands.

Finally, this increases the stiffness of the board by about 30% and thus avoids over-inflating the boards. Ideally we recommend an inflatable around 15 – 17 psi.
We are the only brand on the market to offer three layers on the rails to increase stiffness and eliminate air leakage problems. This technology allows us to guarantee you one of the most reliable products on the market. This is the best value for money in the high end inflatable stand up paddle market.

Every SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno Sroka (three-time kitesurfing world champion and adventurer). He is proud of every product for being high-end, easy to use, highly durable, and with a high quality and practicality.

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  1. Der Malibu 10 ‘ist ein großartiges Modell ! Das Board ist stabil und leicht und von ausgezeichneter Qualität. Ein sehr guter und langlebiger Korb. Ich mag vor allem die Dekorationen auf dem Brett. Die sehen mega aus ! 🙂

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