SUP Malibu 10’6x32x6 Fusion

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Take to the water as a family with the Malibu 10’6

This inflatable Malibu 10’6 Fusion paddle is perfectly adapted for beginners, beginners and family rides. If you’re looking for a super-light and versatile board for all family uses, the Malibu 10’6 is the one for you. The Malibu 10’6 is our best seller, and not for nothing. Its reputation has been built on stability, strength, durability and versatility. Its 15 cm (6”) thickness makes the board large enough to support the weight of an adult and a child while maintaining maximum rigidity. Its width of 82 cm (32”) will allow you to row in all serenity whatever the body of water, or to do your yoga exercises in peace. The pads are very comfortable underfoot and provide excellent grip for all manoeuvres. Its atypical look and quality of finish will not leave you indifferent. Its deck net will allow you to hang a waterproof bag. In addition, the deflated SUP can be easily stored in the SROKA transport bag. The quality of the bag and its comfort will make you forget you are carrying a paddle.

This year we offer two packs. The first is a single pack, with a choice of blue or orange colour, a carrying bag and a double-action pump. The second pack guarantees you all possible comfort. This premium option includes an electric pump, a 50% carbon paddle, a leash, and a carry bag.

This Sup Malibu 10’6 fusion is the big brother of the Malibu 10′ and is available in two colours: blue or orange, the choice is yours for adventure!

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle 10’6 Malibu

MALIBU : The Best Seller

We designed the Malibu 10’6 Inflatable Paddle to offer the best compromise between glide and stability. It benefits from the best technologies aimed at stiffening the board thanks to a construction that uses the best Dropstich and PVC on the market that we have carefully selected. On the rails, the three layers of PVC reinforce the boards very effectively (exclusive to SROKA) to guarantee a perfectly rigid product once inflated, very stable even on your first try and finally solid and durable. It benefits from Fusion technology to make it even lighter.

This inflatable Malibu 10’6 paddle ensures our best compromise between stability and glide. Its weight of 9.5 kg and its Neoprene handle are ideal for a pleasant transport and for an unequalled glide on the water. Come and enjoy this new range in shop and also discover theMalibu 10′ Girly Fusion Inflatable Paddle or the Waves 9.5 Fusion Inflatable Paddle.

When quality meets innovation:

  • ROCKER : slight rocker to handle all conditions with ease and comfort
  • RAILS : soft and round along the length of the board which gives a very pleasant glide.
  • VOLUME: homogeneous volume, the 6′ thickness allows to be more stable on water.
  • OUTLINE : 32″ wide in the centre of the paddle to maximise stability.
    • TAIL : the round tail increases stability on the board.
    • NOSE : round nose that increases stability
    • DÉRIVE : 3 removable fins
    • RIGIDITÉ : +++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails.


A bag is included to get an optimal storage. The conception of this bag allows to get access and a storage of the SUP board efficient and fast.
Details of the all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use :

  • Volume : 149 L
  • Very big space for the storage of the inflatable stand up paddle.
  • Ultra-light bag, very resistant to abrasion.
  • Resistant handle.
  • Ultra-confortable straps adaptable to your body shape for a safe wearing experience.

Our mission is to give you much more than a SUP board. We’re offering you an exceptional product, with:

  • A price that’s affordable for all
  • A unique design with uncompromising quality
  • A dual-flow pump
  • A 5 litre waterproof bag included
  • An all-terrain bag, robust and easy to use
  • A repair kit
  • Two-year guarantee on the PVCs

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