Kite Ouesk 7m² – 9m²

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Wings available at an unbeatable price!

There are only two wings left in stock for the 10,5 square meters.

The OUESK is a versatile wing that meets all navigation practices and conditions. The wings have three slats and are designed for a panel of practitioners from beginners to experts.

In addition, they have been redesigned to be able to adjust the clamping, which increases the versatility of the wings. With a bridle positioned towards the middle of the lines, the wing will be more suitable for freestyle. However, with a closer adjustment to the ears, you will obtain an ideal wing for wave or foil practice.

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The wind range for the Ouesk 7m² is from 19 to 32 nd for a rider of 80 kg.

The wind range for the Ouesk 9 m² is from 14 to 27 nd for a rider of 80 Kg.

The wind range for the Ouesk 10.5 m² is 11 to 23 nd for an 80 kg rider.

Bruno SROKA and his team have put their 15 years of experience in development to create a wing that is easy to use, high-performance, easy to handle and drifting to perfection. SROKA wings meet all kitesurfing disciplines
In jumping, this wing is very stable and provides a very good lift, which will allow you to unhooker easily.
You will not be surprised by its ease of use. This wing has no pulley in the bridle, which increases the reactivation and nervousness of the wing.

Description of the Ouesk wing

A 3-batten shape will give you maximum lightness, speed and stability in strong winds while reducing the weight of the wing.

Kevlar reinforcements guarantee a high resistance to abrasion and make it possible to reinforce the upper surface of the wing during friction.

All our wings are equipped with the One Pump to facilitate your daily use.

To meet all disciplines, we offer 3 adjustment positions on your bridle. The point closest to the ears will be ideal for waves and foil. The central point will be ideal for freeriding. Finally, the point closest to the center of the wing will be the predominant position for freestyle.

For more control, you can adjust the handling of the sail with the three attachment points on the ears.


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