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Kitesurf Package Deal: Three-in-one package!

This Kitesurf Package Deal will bring you a set (Kite, Kite bar and Twin tip) of a quality worthy of a top of the range kitesurfing pack. The board is made in France guaranteeing excellent product quality and the bars and kite are built in one of the world’s largest kitesurfing factories.
This pack is perfect for beginners and confirmed ride  whatever the wind conditions and levels.
At this price, you won’t find a better value for money on the market.


  • One Twintip 140×43 or 138×42 or 134×40 performant, easy to use, 4 channels & made in France 
  • One Kite Ouesk, 7 or 9 m, good manageability, kite with the good drift for wave and kitefoil
  • One  Universal Kite Bar with two différents size (biggest for more maniability, and smaller for better control in High wing)

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7m², 9m²

Size of the board

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Twin Tip

SROKA TWIN TIP 140×43 or 138×42 or 134×40  is a versatile, high-performance twin-tip board, with a wooden core and ABS rails. We’re proud to introduce to the market a high-quality board, made in France, and reasonably priced.

With its graceful curves, Sroka’s Twin Tip achieves the perfect balance between accessibility, versatility, progression, and performance. We wanted to produce a board that suits everyone while allowing unlimited progression to the highest level. The Twin Tip has no limits except your own.

With its relatively straight outline, the board holds its course well, and the grip is good too. The Twin Tip’s wooden core provides flex, giving outstanding cushioning on jump landings and on choppy waters. The four channels in its underside give this board the kind of acceleration you’ve only ever dreamed of.

More on the Twin Tips. 

Kite Ouesk

Kite Ouesk 7m² or 9m²

Rider profile: beginner to expert. The Kite Ouesk is a versatile kite, suitable for kitesurfing disciplines, and all conditions.

Bruno Sroka and his team used their 15 years of development experience to produce a kite that is easy to use, high-performance and maneuverable, with superb drift, and suitable for all kitesurfing disciplines.

The kite is highly stable in jumps, providing excellent suspension. allowing for easy unhooking. Its ease of use will come as no surprise. This kite has no pulleys in its bridle, thus boosting the kite’s responsiveness and sensitivity.

More on the OUESK Kites.

Universal Kite Bar

Discover our kitesurf bar, designed by Bruno Sroka, triple world champion of Kitesurf, who has put his know-how and experience to offer a simple, solid and ergonomic kite bar.

This kite bar has been designed to offer the best grip possible with a molded grip very comfortable in all situations, as well as soft coated bar ends that are both pleasant to the hands and that limit the friction on the bar.

Very resistant to corrosion and deformation due to its aluminum composition T6061, it will accompany you in your rides for many years. Available in two sizes 50cm and 55cm.

More on the Universal Kite Bar. 

SROKA kite bar


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  1. Top product, the board is just perfect and the kite range is super good. I love this pack. i started kiteboard 2 month and i totally recommend this product

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