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Kitefoil : K-Foil SROKA : a high-performance, easy, accessible foil…

Kitefoil SROKA is the perfect kitesurf foil for beginner to confirm rider. Easy to learn, Ideal for taking first steps to fly on foil. Mast and wing are make in 100% carbon (no foarm inside) to give the maximum rigidity and durability of this kitefoil. You can change the wing if you need to go faster and go more in the Wave or freestyle. You can change every piece of this foil and continue to évoluante. You can fix any board of the market because we make the adaptator plate- Pro box. So any board on the market could be feet with this hydrofoil. This is fol is the most universal foil on the market with the best quality price. You can buy the carbon foil for the price of the Aluminium Foil in the Market.

We designed different wings to give you more change to ride in all conditions: Waves, freeride, beginner, or better performance. We developed 2 board différents board to match with this kitefoil: the 160x 52 if you want to be sure to ride in any light conditions and the Pocket board if you are more attract by freestyle or to foil without straps with the skinny board. Click on the Pocket board to see this board or on the Free ride board.

This foil is sale with adpatator Probox – Platine to adapt any board on the market with this foil. This adaptator was cut by CNC to have the maxium of precision. Durable, strong, you can adjust any foil on the market with this adaptator Probox- platine.

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Longueur du mât (entre boitier et fuselage)



Largeur mât (5cm du haut)

Largeur mât (5cm du bas)



Wing size




More than just good looking…

Sroka’s K-foil (Kitefoil V3) has been completely redesigned this year. There’s a new design and a new look for this new version of the Sroka kitefoil. Its performance has been significantly improved. We’ve reduced the foil’s drag, and increased overall rigidity for faster speeds in all wind strengths.The wings and mast are carbon, and the fuselage in monobloc aluminium for maximum rigidity and outstanding sharpness.  Its wings are fixed beneath the fuselage to increase the foil’s rigidity and hold at high speed.

Kitefoil K-foil

Kitefoil RS LARGE

Kitefoil wave

Kitefoil SROKA

Faster, more stable, and easier to use!

We tested a variety of wings to increase stability at high speeds. We totally redesigned the stabiliser to deliver improved longitudinal and lateral stability.The mast is joined to the fuselage with a small insert to improve overall rigidity.With a 30% gain in rigidity over the 2016 version,this kitefoil nevertheless remains just as affordable. And if it’s a real sensation of speed you’re after, you have the option of a faster wing. The RS-Medium wing gives you stability, and a smooth ride at high speed.

A jewel in its own case…

The kitefoil fits snugly in its carrying case for optimal protection.

Why choosing Sroka products, click here

Kitefoil protection bag for assembled foil

Every Sroka product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno Sroka (three-time kitesurfing world champion and adventurer). He prides himself on every product being

high-end, easy to use, highly durable, and of uncompromising quality and practicality.

 The K-foil is a scalable kitefoil. All its parts are modular and interchangeable.


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6 reviews for Kitefoil K-foil

  1. J’ai le nouveau K-foil carbone sroka,c’est de la balle il est stable et rapide, performance et facilité sont au rendez-vous.
    Je navigue tous les we avec ,sur mon spot en nouvelle Caledonie le vent est bien établi 15-20 sud -est avec un bon clapot formé ,le foil est super confortable.
    Je vais bientôt commander ma planche pocket pour être encore plus ludique.
    Merci Bruno pour avoir développé du matos aussi performant et facile.

  2. an unbeatable value for money performance

    very good manufacturing quality and superb performance
    I recommend this foil

  3. I bought this Kitefoil 3months ago. Seriously i m very surprised about the quality of this product and how this foil is easy to use. The mast is in full carbon which make it little bit more heavy but it feels durable and strong. The take off is very easy, good rigidity of the mast. And The team told me that they have developed different front wings to optimize the session. So i m waiting unpatiently when the new wing will arrive. Completely satisfied with this product and team work support.

  4. Une merveille de facilité, sans concession pour les performances. On sent rapidement que le potentiel de progression est énorme.

  5. Very impressed with the K-Foil’s performance even in ultralight wind conditions in Singapore.
    You can tell that Bruno has truly put in a lot of effort, thought & testing into this product when you set it up.
    Very stable in low and high speeds.
    Excellent upwind and downwind angles and maneuverability.
    Early & gentle lift for foil starts.
    Perfect mast height.
    Built strong, stiff, minimal flex, nice aluminium fuselage, and good durable carbon wings and mast shaped right.
    Impressive top speed with stability for a freeride foil.
    Fits and performs perfect on a Sroka V1 board.
    Amazing performance upgrade from the Sroka V1 foil.
    Great value for money and performance.
    First ride and you will say, “this is totally worth it and more!”
    Will buy again!
    No regrets!
    Thanks, Bruno! 🙂

    • Thanks you for your comment, we appreciate that

  6. Habe das RS L mit Flysurfer Soul 8er und 10er geflogen.
    Ein schnelles, gutmütiges und einfach zu wendendes Foil.
    Es steigt berechenbar, und benötigt wenig Speed für den Lift.
    Bei Manövern gibt es keine Tendenz für Strömungsabrisse.
    Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit von 28,3 km/h bei Distanz von 33km mit über 50 Wenden geht in Ordnung, reicht aber nicht für echtes Racing.

    Dafür gibt es sehr schnelles Cruisen auf wirklich benutzerfreundliche Art zu einem echten Schnäppchenpreis für ein Vollcarbon-Foil in Top-Verarbeitung!

    • HI Michael
      Thanks for your feed back. We appreciate that. Enjoy your foil.

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