Kitefoil Mast 100% Carbon

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Kitefoil Mast 100% Carbon

This Kitefoil Mast 100% Carbon is made for SROKA hydrofoil. This carbon mast doesn’t have any foarm inside. it s the best way to have the maximum rigidity and durability of the mast, so it s very stiff construction and low drag allowing the rider to use every gust for acceleration. The connexion with the fuselage is make by the conique insert to give you maximum rigidity in the connexion.  3 screws connect the mast to the fuselage. The size of this mast is 95 cm but we have also 75 cm if you need.


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The carbon mast was designed to combine maximum rigidity with minimum drag. It is 100% carbon and contains no foam, to ensure minimum flex and twist along with maximum reliability.

It comes in two sizes: 95 cm and 75 cm.


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