Kitefoil RS L FREERIDE front wing

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The RS Large wing is our freeride wing. Learning and improving will be plain sailing, and its top speeds are impressive too.

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Kitefoil RS L FREERIDE front wing

Designed for Freeride, this Kitefoil RS Large front wing is ideally suited to your first rides, and allows you to progress in all disciplines. Designed for European conditions, it’s so versatile that you will be flying even with light winds. Highly stable, it makes the riding easy on all points of sail as you learn to gybe and turn while flying.

At 530 cm2, the RS Large is made both for beginners and experienced riders who want a great control in high-speed turns.

Beginner to expert riders 

100% carbon wing

Kitefoil RS LARGE

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  1. I had Sroka V1 aluminum foil many years ago, then switch to this carbon wing and carbon mast whole set. Easy ride up and smooth. Could do fast tight turns, could be in light wind or go fast speed. Love it.

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