Pack Surf foil Fast Flyer and S Foil

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Pack Surf Foil “Fast Flyer” and “S-Foil”

This surf foil pack combines the versatility of S-Foil with the perfect balance of the shape of the brand new Fast Flyer to give you the best possible level of performance. This ready-to-ride set will perfectly suit riders wishing to evolve towards a more efficient use of the foil and will accompany the foiler throughout its progression. The “Fast Flyer” pack is more than just a surf foil pack. It is also a multi-support pack that will allow you to practice wing foil, kite foil or wake foil in addition to surf foil.

Made in Brittany, this board is in Full Sandwich fibreglass construction. This light and above allextremely strongconstruction makes the Fast Flyer a very durable board. As proof, our old models such as the 152, from the same workshop, are still on the water … 7 years later.

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Pack Surf Foil “Fast Flyer”

The shape of the Fast Flyerhas been studied to allow you to leave very early, even in the softest waves. Its double concave and sharp rails give this board increased rowing power. The other advantage of the double concave is that it will allow you to take off again even if you hit the water when pumping, during take off or during a transition between two waves. This design prevents the board from “sticking” to the surface of the water. The deck has a slight spoon shape to provide comfort of placement, ease of carving and hold.

The Fast Flyer has a total volume of 40L which will give you enough flotation to leave early. The volumes distribution has been thought out to provide optimal balance when the board is in the air.

The board also has inserts for footstraps. They will allow you to practice a more aerial surfing or to use your pack to make wing foil ou du kite foil! The perfectly distributed volumes of this board allow you to get out of the water surprisingly early. The board comes out of the water very quickly as soon as it gets speed, allowing you to start planning very quickly.


Performance, accessibility and multi-compatibility. These were our requirements when we developed our brand new S-Foil model. Performance because we wanted a foil that provides the best compromise between handling and constant lift at variable speeds. Accessibility because we wanted to create a foil that would satisfy riders of all levels. We believe that the bet has been successful because many people started with our S-Foil model and now reach a certain level of performance without having changed foils. Finally, multi-compatibility because we wanted to develop a foil that could be used on a multitude of different substrates. Surf foil, SUP foil, Wake foil and Wing foil, the S-Foil will allow you to practice all these sports at the highest level.

The mast is made of T6061 aluminium with a generous rib which gives it excellent rigidity when cornering and allows the size of the mast to be increased if necessary. This point is essential to keep maximum nervousness and reactivity of the foil under your feet. As for the aluminium k-foil and W-foil (wind foil), it is equipped with carbon Pre preg 3K fins to increase the stiffness and beauty of the product. The aluminium fuselage, cut from the mass, guarantees maximum strength and rigidity.

The front wing attaches to the fuselage by interlocking to ensure maximum rigidity at high speed. The mast fits into an insert in the mast and is held by 3 screws. Finally, the carbon preprep stabilizer is aimed over the fuselage.
All this set is provided in a transport case to facilitate your travel.



The front wing M 1250 cm 2 has been developed for surfing in the heaviest conditions. It is a wing that provides maximum speed with a very interesting carving. On the other hand, the lift (the elevation of the board above the water) is a little more technical for beginners. As a result, the control of the foil is finer but the feeling of speed and curves is breathtaking. This is the fin that will allow you to get the closest to the manoeuvrability of a shortboard.

The L 1500 front wing is a versatile wing, it is the all-rounder for everyone. In other words, it is a wing that allows beginners to take control of the foil almost instantly and it also allows experienced foilers to broaden their range of use with a wing that is compatible with surf foil, sup foil and wake foil. Ideal when conditions are less powerful, this kite will allow you to leave earlier and make pumping easier, allowing you to connect even more waves than with the 1250 cm 2.

The front wing XL 1750 cm2 has been developed for surfing in small conditions. It is particularly suitable for heavier sizes in supfoil and/or surfoil or for all smaller sizes (less than 80 kg) looking for a wing with a lot of lift to do downwind and facilitate Wing launch. Despite its larger surface area, this wing retains the manoeuvrability characteristics that we wanted to give to this model.


The XXL 2000 cm2 front wing is specially designed for down-wind in SUP foil in small conditions or to practice Wing foil. Our French hydrodynamic engineer working to find the perfect profile, that’s allow us to get the better feeling of sliding on very small waves. Its carrier profile gives it a lot of lift and control. The wing has been developed to go down the swell, perfect to do wing foil or wake foil behind a boat.

A Pack Adapted to Wing Foil

If you are already an experienced wing foiler or foiler, this pack is the ideal support to have fun with Wing Foil and enjoy all the potential that this new support has to offer. Whether in relatively light winds of 15 knots or more stormy conditions of 25 knots and more, the “Fast Flyer” pack is ideal for going Wing Foiler in the waves, doing big jumps or evenfreestyle on the flat.. Having a board that is shorter and lighter than a SUP foil underfoot is also a great asset if you want to have fun in offshore bumps and do endless downhill runs. The feeling of flight is multiplied tenfold and you can even carve the swell from the open sea. In short, the possibilities are almost unlimited, all you have to do is discover them!

We also offer a Wing Foil “Fast flyer” pack for those who also wish to equip themselves with Wing and are looking for a multi support pack!



If you have any questions about the product do not hesitate to contact us :

Chat (quick answer) : contact us on the chat by specifying the desired product
Email: contact us by specifying the desired product

For more information on choosing your equipment according to your practice :

How to choose your SUP FOIL

How to choose your SURF FOIL


Security :

The foil is not made for powerful waves that break quickly. It is a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves and which will allow you to fully exploit the swell train with your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and really doesn’t make sense.

The practice of foiling can become dangerous for you and others if you do not respect common sense instructions. Poor control or use on an overcrowded spot can result in cuts or serious injuries.

It is therefore necessary to take all the precautions of use in surfing, sup, wing foil. Never overestimate your capabilities when foiling.
Start in small conditions with soft waves (1 to 2 ft waves) and especially do not go in conditions of hollow and powerful waves.
It is important to stay away from surfers, swimmers and obstacles during your sessions.
We recommend the use of a helmet, a protective jacket and a full neoprene suit.

The company SROKA declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving a SROKA foil. The practice of foiling is the sole responsibility of the user.


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