Pack Wing-Foil performance SKY RIDER 5’5 + S-Foil + Wing

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Pack Wing-Foil SKY RIDER 5’5 + S-Foil + Wing

The SUP Foil SKYRIDER 5’5 x 27″ board is a 100% French manufactured board in  in Full fiber glass sandwich version (available in  option in Full carbon sandwich version) that will help you to benefit at the highest level of performance when in the package with Wing Foil and SUP Foil. Equipped with the SROKA S-Foil match becomes perfect for light to normal weight riders. The best to use it for Wing Foil and SUP Foil and Downwind Foil.

Equipped with strap inserts so you will have a choice to foil with straps or strapless.

Our S-Foil is available in 4 sizes: M 1250, L 1500, XL 1750, XXL 2000 You will be able to choose your size according to your use, your riding level and your size for unequaled performances.

Currently 2 Wing sizes are available: 4 m2 and 5 m2.


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Wing size

Longueur du mât (entre boitier et fuselage)

Wings size

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S-Foil: versatility and performance.

We have developed the S-Foil six-in-one foil that has been inspired by the ever-changing Brittany coast conditions. No need to dream of Hawaiian conditions, the SROKA S-Foil adapts to any type of conditions, any practice and any riders level.

The T6061 aluminum mast provides excellent rigidity when jibing. It is available in several sizes. This is an essential element to get the maximum underfoot reactivity while surfing the swell. As for the aluminum K-Foil and W-Foil, it is equipped with high quality 3K pre-preg carbon wings which will assure the best performance. The fuselage is made of cut out of the mass aluminum to ensure maximum strength and rigidity.

The front wing fixes to the fuselage by fitting together one into the other. This kind of fixation is simple to use before and after each session. It also brings excellent overall rigidity. To assemble the foil you will need to insert the aluminum mast into the fuselage and screw the rear pre-preg carbon wing to the top of the fuselage.

Need more info. Check out our article of  how the foil works!

Characteristics of the different S-foil front wing options. Depending on the level and person’s measures, the following information may slightly change.


Stability and Performance

The SROKA WING has been developed to allow you to start and progress on the wing foil whatever is your foiling level. The only limit will be you yourself!  We’ve been working hard in researches on making it as light and simple to use as possible Wing. We were aiming to garantie maximum rigidity and solidity to the SROKA Wing. The positioning of the handles and their quantity have been reduced compared to other Wings. This guarantees a maximum available options without making the Wing too heavy. The weight of the Wing 4m is around 2.1 kg making it one of the lightest wings on the market.

On the central strut we placed 3 handles: One for the front hand and two for the back hand. This handle placement will  power your wing. A further back hand will give you more power to the Wing. And conversely, a more advanced to front hand will allow you to intake wing’s power more easily. The handles are rigid to optimize the sensation and feeling in the hands. This makes it precise in positioning the hands onto the SROKA Wing and thus to better concentrate on your board. A V-shaped strap connects the center strut to the leading edge which provides more overall wing rigidity during gusts and increases the number of options for catching the wing when you are in a gust surfing No need to concentrate on the hands, just concentrate on the curves and the surf wing. Two PVC windows will help you to see the wave that you are catching as well to observe the movement of water for your maximum safety.

SROKA Wing is available in 4m2 and 5m2. These are the two most used sizes on the market. No need to get a smaller wing size. The 4 m holds very good in the strong winds. Reducing the size of your  S-foil front wing will help you better sail in strong winds.

Choosing the right wing size is very important for your navigation

For more information go to How to choose Wing Foil?


The ideal board for waves and downwind

The SKYRIDER 5’5 equipped with SROKA S-Foil is the best combo for small riders in the long waves or in Downwind. The SKYRIDER 5’5 equipped with a SROKA S-Foil becomes an unbeatable equipment in performance. The compact shape and small dimension makes the take-off and pumping very easy even on the flat water. This board is for experienced to expert riders. The volume of the Sky Rider 5’5 is 90 liters.

The recessed deck provides maximum comfort by reducing the center of gravity and also allows you to know exactly where your foot is located on the board. The hull is well designed: big bavel to avoid sharply stopping when the rail is touching roughly the water, double concave at the front makes it easy to take off and land without losing speed. Cut-out on the tail makes pumping easier because board touching water surface are is reduced. This also reduces the drag of the board.


Made in France in Full sandwich Fiber glass construction. (option in Full carbon sandwich)

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Champion Kitesurfer and Adventurer). He is proud to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use and irreproachable quality, comfort and durable over time.


The foil must not be used in powerful waves that breaks fast. It’s a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves that don’t break and that will allow you to fully exploit the swell  on your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and makes no sense at all.

It is important to position yourself further away from the surfers, swimmers and obstacles during your session.

We recommend the use of a helmet, a protective jacket and a full neoprene wetsuit.

It is therefore necessary to take all same precautions as in surfing, sup, wing foil. While practicing this sport, you should not overestimate yourself, start in small conditions with soft waves (less than 70 cm) and and not in hollow and powerful waves.

The practice of foil can become dangerous for you and others if you don’t follow some common sense guidelines. Poor control or use on a crowded spot can result some cuts or serious injuries.

The SROKA company declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving the SROKA foil. The use of the foil is under the full responsibility of the user.

Any questions ?

Any questions ?

If you have any questions about the product please do not hesitate to contact us:

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