Package Aluminium Kitefoil & board pocket

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1200,00 TTC

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Package Aluminium Kitefoil, board pocket and foil adapter plate-Probox for Kitefoil & SUP/Surf foil


Best quality/price ratio on the market, this Package Aluminium Kitefoil & board pocket is a true all-in-one perfect to learn foil, improve and cruise.

  • Board pocket, made in France, with a dual use: Directional or Pocket Board for kitefoil and wakefoil
  • Removable straps and fins optional for directional board
  • High-quality aluminum kitefoil mast & fuselage, T6061 monoblock, very dense anodizing (60microns)
  • Mast-to-fuselage connection with M8 screws for maximum rigidity
  • Wing-fuselage assembly identical to Kfoil guarantee a good rigidity
  • G10 fins
  • 650cm2 fin surface that gives a large lift surface to help you get out easily
  • Plate 160 × 90 to mount your foil on any board of the market
  • Possibility to mount a carbon mast and/or Kfoil carbon fins later on

Why choosing SROKA foil? 

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Longueur du mât (entre boitier et fuselage)






Kitefoil & board


The Pocket Freeride 128 x 47 or 138 x 47 foil board is a light and very rigid board. This compact board will allow you to initiate and/or navigate in skate-style mode. Versatile, this pocket board can be used no matter the conditions: if the wind is too strong to foil, just remove the foil to use the board as a directional board. Plus this board is easy to carry and will be an ally to travel light. This compact board has been specially designed with a high-density foam to optimize the performance and durability of the product.

Inserts straps will allow you to put straps if you wish, depending on your style of navigation.

The choice of size depends on your level and template. You are light or you want to do wakestyle: the 128 will suit you perfectly no matter the level of your practice. The 138 will be easier to access and will suit every body type.

Made in France 


Best quality price on the market, the K-Foil Aluminum is a performant kitefoil, easy to use and perfect for beginners but also perfect to cruise and improve.

This foil has a high-quality aluminum mast/fuselage, T6061 monoblock, very dense anodizing (60microns) and its mast-fuselage connection with M8 screws have been designed to give maximum rigidity. The wing-to-fuselage assembly is identical to Kfoil, which guarantees a good rigidity. Its large 650cm2 fin surface will help you get out of the water easily.

Feel free to install this foil on any board on the market with the adapter plate 160 × 90 and/or you can upgrade it with a carbon mast and/or carbon fins Kfoil later.

Rinse the foil after each use to optimize its durability.



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1 review for Package Aluminium Kitefoil & board pocket

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Whoua, i was surprised about the quality of this foil. I tested for the first time yesterday the Kfoil aLu. Since the first way i was very confortable on it. The speed is ok, the rigidity is awesome. We don’t feel any parasite mouvement on the foil. (VS another brand that you can feel on connexion some mouvement like mast fuselage. On this foil everything is super rigid). Performance is good. Next time i want to try a very long mast on it. I live in Florida, The package arrive in 1 days from France via Fedex.

    The only thing that i regretted is the straps and bag in not included inside the package so it s extra but for this price i can not complain.

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