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Adventure and freedom await you

The Alpha 12’6 x 31” inflatable paddle is a top of the range board. We made it for Escape and Adventure. Its Fusion construction optimises performance on the water to meet all your challenges and open up new horizons. This inflatable SUP is light, rigid and very resistant thanks to the thermo-welding (Fusion technology – 9 kg), and the 3 layers of PVC on the rails. Slightly wider at the centre of the board and at the tail, it is remarkably stable and glides on long rides or expeditions. This board is perfectly adapted to all those who want to go from a first rounded board to a hiking and training type board.

This year again, we have rethought the boards to make them atypical, original and unique. We have put the emphasis on Adventure and the thirst for freedom, with a decoration inspired by the isobaric weather charts used by sailors and skippers when they set out to explore the open sea. In addition, we offer two options single pack with a green or blue board of your choice, its bag without wheels and the Sroka double action pump and a pack premium. The complete package includes a 50% carbon paddlewith a plastic blade, a green or blue board of your choice, an electric pump, a wheeled bag and a coiled leash. It allows you to leave immediately on the water, without constraints or effort.

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Full Pack, Simple Pack

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Alpha 12’6 x 31

Designed for the pleasure of Adventure

We have designed a shape capable of absorbing chop, which guarantees remarkable stability and glide in all conditions. Its square tail increases stability, while the bow provides more glide. The inflatable SUP Alpha 12’6×31″ of 9 kg is an ideal compromise of lightness and speed.

On our inflatable SUPs of the Alpha, Malibuand Girly ranges, don’t bother with superfluous accessories to stiffen the board. We have simply selected and used the best Dropstich and PVC on the market. Our rails are reinforced with three layers of PVC, which makes the boards extremely rigid. This construction, exclusive to SROKA, gives a feeling similar to a rigid board with the simplicity of use and storage of the inflatable.

With its 76 cm width (31″), the Alpha provides the best compromise between stability and glide for a first active riding board. Our boards are equipped with comfortable carrying handles. For your excursions, we have carefully placed elastics at the front and back of the board so that you can slip on a waterproof bag.

The board is equipped with a US box for changing fins. This year, we also offer retractable fins adapted to shallow bodies of water, both in rivers and at sea.
Finally, each board is supplied with a carrying bag.
Discover the other 12’6 models in this range on our website: theGirly 12’6 x 28 Fusion or the Alpha 12’6 x 28″ Fusion.

When quality meets innovation:

  • ROCKER :constant curve that allows easy sliding over the chop.
  • RAILS: soft and round on the span of the board for a better.
  • VOLUME: homogeneous volume, the 6′ thickness increases the volume and the maximum load of the paddle.
  • OUTLINE: 31″ wide in the centre of the paddle to optimise stability with a pointed nose to split the swell.
    • SIZE: The wide tail increases stability.
    • Nez : 12,5 cm de bascule à l’avant pour faciliter le passage de la côtelette.
    • DERIVE: single fin with US box.
    • RIGIDITY: ++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails.

An exceptional product, two possible options:

Our first option is the single pack. It includes an Alpha 12’6×31′ board, a Sroka double action pump and a transport bag without wheels.

This year we are additionally introducing a premium option, with a full packageguaranteeing total comfort. This pack will allow you to go out on the water immediately, with as little effort as possible. It includes in addition to the board, colour of your choice, an electric pump, a 50% carbon paddle with plastic blade, a leashand a transport bag with wheels.

Fusion Technology:

Fusion technology is one of the primary stages in the construction of our boards. The upper section of the drop stitch PVC (dense, polyester filaments) is fused to the second layer of PVC. There are a number of advantages to this high-tech approach: It saves close to 2 kg (20%) on the overall weight of the board. It improves the board’s appearance, making it smoother and more pleasant to the touch too. It increases the product’s life-span by eliminating the problems some brands have with layers coming unstuck.

And it helps to increase the board’s rigidity by some 30%, so it requires less inflation. We recommend inflating to around 15 – 17 psi.

We are the only brand on the market putting three layers on the rails, to increase rigidity and eliminate leakage of air. With this technology, we can guarantee our products to be among the most reliable on the market. They represent the best value for money on the market for high-end inflatable SUP boards.


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  1. The perfect paddle for the heavy guys looking for performance without sacrificing stability.
    Lightness and rigidity, with incomparable glide … it’s my favorite of the range!

  2. the best thing I have done so far!

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