Foil Board Sky Rider Sroka 5’2 – 5’5 – 5’8 – 6’3

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Sky Rider Foilboard (5’5 – 5’8 – 6’3) – 8 YEARS FRENCH PRODUCTION

Our range of Sky Rider foil boards can be adapted to all your needs. Each one will prove to be a model of performance, but also of versatility, allowing you to switch from one foil discipline to another. For the past 8 years, we have been proudly producing them in France, near our home in Brittany. These boards have a full sandwich construction and not a simple bamboo construction.

  • The Sky Rider 6’3 is made for wing foil, for sizes over 85Kg. It also allows you to do SUP Foil and Wind Foil.No strap inserts on the fiberglass model (present on the carbon version)
  • The Sky Rider 5’8 is absolutely perfect for most wing sizes. It will please the most demanding SUP foiler. Withoutstrap inserts on the fiberglass model (present on the carbon version)
  • The Sky Rider 5’5 falls into the category of performance boards for wingsurfing. It remains accessible for the 70Kg and under beginners, and is a performance oriented board. With inserts on all models.


The best of the French know-how and shape is put at the service of your sensations. These boards are among the only ones on the market with a full sandwich fiberglass or carbon construction. They are also among the only ones to meet French standards for the protection of workers and the oceans, without lead paint. These commitments are reflected in their performance: designed and tested by three-time world kitesurfing champion Bruno Sroka and our best hydrodynamic engineers, they will accompany you for a long time and on all spots.

Want to know how to get started in Wing? It’s right here. Our article on the subject of choosing your Wing pack is available by clicking here.

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The Sroka’s Sky Rider foilboard range

Rigid foil board with straps insert for wingfoil

Made in France

Your board is the product of a unique local know-how. We have been working for years with the French industry to produce incomparable boards on the market. Their construction is a guarantee of durability and performance. We refuse to use bamboo, which is sensitive to impact, and offer boards sandwich construction with a protective gel-coat to prevent the core from taking any damages. These boards also respect the workers and our oceans. Our paints are lead-free, our industry is valued, and our practice is respectful.

double concave on a Sky Rider foil board

Performance and design

Every element of your board is there to serve the performance. The double US rail connection (universal and compatible with all foils on the market) allows you to adjust your foil. The hull has been designed with a double concave at the front, and a powerful cut-out at the back. The board takes off immediately, and bounces back as soon as it hits the water to take off better than ever. The sunken deck lowers your center of gravity, improves your balance and comfort.

Comfort and efficiency

The delicately ridged pads of your Sky Rider offer total comfort underfoot. Its arrow design is intended to provide visual cues that are essential to your practice and learning. Markers are also placed on the rails for the adjustment of your foil. With a comfortable carrying handle on the hull, your practice is as convenient at sea as on land.

Comment choisir ma planche à voile Sky Rider ?


Sky Rider 6’3 & Sky Rider 5’8

Sky Rider 6’3

The Sky Rider 6’3 (192 x 73cm) is one of our most versatile boards. Its 120L of volume makes it a perfect board for people over 85Kg who want to start wing foiling. Compact, easy to control and stable, it will also be an ideal board for the practice of Wind Foil with its mast foot insert. Its length and the work of its hull make the practice of SUP Foil accessible. It will carry you over long distances in Down Wind in all disciplines.

Planche de foil hardboard 6'3 Sky Rider Sroka

Sky Rider 5’8

The Sky Rider 5’8 has perfect dimensions for the Wing Foil (105L volume, 177cm by 71cm). It allows most of the riders to start easily, but also to continue to progress for a long time and to enjoy the pleasure of flying. Its chunky shape makes it an evolutionary board, which will accompany you over time. It is also a SUP foil board that allows technical or intermediate riders to fully express themselves on the wave. It allows to adapt to all conditions in down wind. In short: the perfect compromise, without compromising on performance.

Planche de foil harboard Sky Rider Sroka


Sky Rider 5’5

Sky Rider 5’5

The Sky Rider 5’5 (167 by 69cm and 90L) is cut to make new performances and sensations accessible to you. Its volume avoids the waterstart to the practitioners of less than 85Kg. Once you are in the air, its reduced length offers a unique flying experience. It is light, maneuverable and great for pumping. Your surfing will have more bite, and it is accessible to the most seasoned SUP foiler.


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  1. No regrets ! I have the 6’3 and I’m very impressed of the quality, very stable and strong. This is the perfect board to do everything (wingfoil,wakefoil and sup foil). Great value for money and performance.

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