Inflatable Foil Board Sroka Air 5’3 – 6′ – 6’4

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Inflatable Foil Board Sroka Air 5’3 – 6′ – 6’4


You are looking for the fluid sensations offered by Wing Foil. You want your sessions to be easy to set up, with perfectly simple transport and launching. Whether you are a beginner with the desire to sail on a comfortable board to share with your family, or a more experienced sailor looking for equipment capable of accompanying him or her everywhere on a trip to discover new spots, our inflatable range is available according to your needs. It inherits all the advances made on solid shapes and our expertise in inflatable boards to bring together the best of both worlds.

The Air 6’4 inflatable board is designed for beginners and larger sizes. Very accessible and stable, it will make you take off in Wing Foil in all conditions with disconcerting ease.

The Air 6′ will be perfect for beginners looking for an equipment able to accompany them in their evolution, or the most important jigs in search of buoyancy. Its 144L of volume is perfectly distributed over a stable, accessible and very versatile shape. Ideal for Wing Foil.

If you are a more resourceful or experienced rider looking for adventure and travel and only need to keep one board in your quiver, the Air 5’3 is for you. Beginners with a light build will also find an evolutionary board. Perfect for Wing Foil, it will also allow you to enjoy the sensations of SUP Foil.

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Freedom fits in a backpack

With unprecedented ease of access, our inflatable boards can be taken anywhere, so you don’t have to miss a ride. Whether solo or with your family, your sessions will never have been easier to set up… Once finished, the board deflates and is easily transported in its boardbag, whether in the boot of a car, your boat or on a plane. Discover our new range of Sroka Air inflatable foil boards.

Unique flying sensations

We’ve pushed the boundaries of inflatable technology to give you the purest possible flying experience. Air will make you forget that you don’t fly on your own once on the water. Our construction guided by our experience and our development efforts guarantee optimum rigidity to combine performance with ease of access and installation.

Sustainable and high-performance construction

All our materials have passed through a selection of rare requirements to provide you with a durable and resistant board. There is no question of the inflatable being synonymous with a drop in quality. To achieve this, we have selected materials that are the best available on the professional market for PVC and Dropstitch fabrics. In addition to guaranteeing an irreproachable general quality, they greatly contribute to the rigidity of the whole and improve performance and sensations, in flight, pumping or in your manoeuvres.

Careful finishes for maximum comfort

Our demand for quality has made us pay attention to the smallest details. Quality finishes, a sturdy valve, a comfortable carrying handle and a delicately ribbed pad for maximum grip and comfort will give your experience a unique character. This will make your equipment even more durable.

How do I choose my Sroka inflatable foil board?

For beginners and tall people

For those who want to get started in Wing Foil with peace of mind, especially the larger sizes, the 6’4 promises a fast take-off. Stable and easy to access thanks to its wide shape (6’4×29”x6”) and its 155L volume, it will allow you to concentrate solely on your flying sensations and get the maximum pleasure out of it . Its slight rocker on the nose will allow you to pass the chop more easily and will forgive your flight mistakes. Its sturdy and resistant construction will allow you to enjoy it with the whole family, with or without foil.

For those who are just starting out or looking for volume

If you want to start simply, the Air 6′ is the ideal weapon. Like the 6’4, it has comfortable dimensions (6’x28”x6”) and a volume of 144L harmoniously distributed. She will also be able to convince larger sizes who have made their first flights, looking for a board with buoyancy and easy to transport.

For intermediate and confirmed levels

The Sroka Air 5’3 will seduce those who are looking for a high performance board to take everywhere with them. If you’re going on a trip to discover new spots, its versatility and performance fits in a bag. For those with a resourceful level and more, it will allow you to surf, pumper, carve and fly in all conditions. Its shape aims at efficiency (5’3×29”x6) but remains perfectly accessible to small beginners thanks to its 115L of volume.

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