Protection bag for assembled Kitefoil

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Protection bag for assembled Kitefoil

This Protection bag for assembled Kitefoil is a perfect carrying bag to carry and protect your assembled or half-assembled foil without needing to dismount it. It keeps the front wing-fuselage-rear wing protected form the possible scratches and small shocks of daily use as well as avoids the possible cuts. Perfect while transporting it in your car before or after your kitefoiling session. Your K-foil can be transported either mounted with the mast or without mast. Separate mast protection bag is available.


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Sroka K-foil protection bag has:

  • Two big plastic zippers to prevent oxidation
  • Thick foam and reinforcements at the tips to protect tips of the front and rear wings
  • Best outer material that will assure the durance of your foil protection bag
  • Back pocket can be used for writing your name and your address in case if you will loose your bag
  • Sroka K-Foil protection bag measurements: length 81cm; width at the front wing 68cm; width at the rear wing 46cm.


Different protection bag sizes are available according to the discipline: Kitefoil, Surf foil, SUP foil,  Windfoil and Wakefoil

Inside and outside high density foam: 5 mm

Weight: 600 g

This bag can fit maximum kitefoil models in the market but we strongly advise you to review the dimensions to make sure it fits perfectly your hydrofoil.

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