Protection bag for Surf Foil and SUP Foil assembled

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Protection bag for Surf Foil and SUP Foil assembled compatible with S-Foil wings M 1250 and L 1500

This aluminum protection bag is perfect to transport and protect your assembled surf foil without the need of disassemble it. By using this transport bag, you protect the front wing, stabilizer, fuselage and back wing against scratches and dings that could damage your foil on daily uses. Perfect for car transport before or after your surf foiling session. Your surf foil, SUP Foil or wake foil can be transported with or without the mast. A separated mast protection bag is available.

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Sroka Surf foil and SUP foil and Wakefoil bag

  • Two big plastic zips to avoid oxidation,
  • A thick foam and reinforcements at extremities to protect the wing and stabilizer
  • The best materials used to ensure the longevity of your foil bag in aluminum
  • The back pocket can be used to write your name and address in case you loose the bag.
  • Length 88cm ; frontwing width 98cm ; backwing width 61cm
  • Different size of foil bags are available depending on the discipline : kitefoil, surf foil, sup foil, windfoil and wing foil.
  • High density foam inside and outside : 5 mm
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • This bag can adapt to a maximum of kitefoil models on the market but we highly advise to check dimensions to ensure that it perfectly fits your hydrofoil.

Protection bag for Surf Foil and SUP Foil assembled


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