S-foil Classic SROKA

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S-Foil Sroka Classic 2021

Flying from wave to wave. Glide serenely over the water. Surf, accelerate and jibe without any limit. Make your first flight and discover the unique pleasure of foiling. Whatever your dream, your level and your spot, there is a variation of the S-Foil to make it come true.

The S-Foil 2021 has been completely redesigned. It is stiffer, lighter, more efficient and more pleasant to use. You will be able to choose your front wing; 1250, 1500, 1750 or 2000 in the Classic range that we will present here, then complete your quiver according to your desires and your needs. For more experienced riders, there are also compatible High Aspect wing available here. You can also choose between three mast sizes (70, 80 and 90 cm), three fuselage sizes and two stabilisers. To help you make the right choice and find the perfect combo for your style, you will find all the information below about the new S-Foil 2021 and its Classic wing.

The S-Foil is a model of durability and strength. We have selected the best materials for its construction. The wing are made of high quality pre-preg carbon, and the T6061 T6 aluminium in the other parts is from the professional aviation and marine industry, capable of withstanding the extreme stresses of these environments. This durability, plug-and-play aspect and modularity make it the best value you can imagine.

Our S-Foil is equipped in its standard and most versatile configuration, with a standard 80cm mast, fuselage and stabiliser.

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Why choose a Classic fin instead of a High Aspect fin?

The choice of your fin type depends on your practice and your goals. High Aspect and Classic fins are fundamentally different. High Aspect fins have a larger wingspan and a smaller chord, glide better but are more technical. The Low Aspect have less wingspan and more string, which gives them better handling and more forgiveness in curves.

Our Classic wings are Low Aspect. Large surfaces such as the 1750 and 2000 are therefore perfect for those who fly freeride or for beginners. Tolerant and evolutionary, they have their place in the quiver of an experienced practitioner in search of lift. By reducing the surface area as for the 1250 and 1500, we have obtained very playful and easy to handle wings, perfect for carving and aggressive curves in surf foil, while remaining accessible to a resourceful practitioner.

If you want to learn more about how a foil works, our article will answer all your questions. Follow the guide by clicking here!

How do I choose my S-Foil front Wing?


The front foil fin 2000 (XXL): Its assets are maximum lift and stability. This powerful front fin will allow even the most imposing jigs to start Wing Foil easily. It will make you take off very early in light winds and is perfectly adapted to lakes where the environment is less buoyant than sea water. More experienced pilots will benefit from its Mid Aspect ratio which prevents this fin from saturating as quickly as a fin with the same surface area but with a less efficient profile and aspect ratio.

The 1750 (XL) front foil fin: This is the ideal weapon to start Wing Foil. It excels in making the average pilot take off immediately and discover the pleasure of flying. It will allow you to evolve quickly, and to taste the sensations of SUP Foil and to initiate yourself to Surf Foil in small, not very powerful waves. In towed foil, it will make you fly very fast and with an excellent stability. If you are looking for an evolutionary glider to start in Wing Foil and small waves, this will certainly be your safest choice.

The 1500 (L) front foil fin: The lighter models see this as an interesting beginner’s fin. The immense versatility of this fin will quickly reveal itself to those who have already made their first flights. Whether it is Wing Foil, Wake Foil, Surf or SUP Foil, it is able to do everything with an incredible compromise of stability, glide and lift. It can also be used as a wind foil in light winds. If you’re looking for a wing to do it all, the 1500 (L) is the queen of freeride versatility.

The 1250 (M) front foil kite: The 1250 (M) is designed for the more experienced or resourceful rider. Whether in Surf Foil, Kite Foil, Wing Foil or Sup Foil, it will combine speed and manoeuvrability to give you superb carving and gliding sensations. In Windfoil, it will make an excellent freeride fin.

What’s new in S-Foil 2021

The S-Foil has been improved to become even more efficient and pleasant to use. It is now faster, stiffer, lighter and easier to handle. We have designed our product to be plug-and-play, and we want it to stay that way.  Our top plate system and new fuselage guarantee a very simple and quick assembly, to get you out on the water as quickly as possible, and all parts are interchangeable and compatible with the rest of the S-Foil 2021 Sroka Company range.

A rigid, high-performance foil

We have made many modifications to make our S-Foil stiffer than ever. Its wider deck, lighter mast and improved connection give the overall performance of the S-Foil a high flying weight approaching that of a full carbon foil. We have adjusted the angle of incidence of each fin for a perfect balance between technique, glide and power.

A modular foil

Our S-Foil is fully modular. Our new range of fuselages, from ultra-short to long, the new stabilizers, the different mast sizes and all the wings are interchangeable. Whatever your need, there is a version of the S-Foil to meet it. Its connections and quality of finish make it an easy-to-use, easy to assemble and disassemble product.

High-quality construction

Our S-Foil is made of the finest materials. A top-of-the-range, high-performance pre-preg carbon is combined with T6061 aluminium used in aviation and resistant to the marine environment. This selection of materials combined with long developed hydrodynamic characteristics make the Classic S-Foil a model of performance and durability.


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