S-Foil Classic Sroka

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S-Foil Sroka Classique 2021

The Foil Sroka will allow you to fly freely over the waves, to link them one after the other and jibe smoothly. Discover the unique pleasure of the foil during the first flight or describe curves without concession in the hollow of the wave: whatever your desire, there is an S-Foil to give it shape.

We have reviewed the S-Foil from top to bottom. It gains in performance, in rigidity, in lightness, but above all it becomes entirely modular, with all its interchangeable parts to adapt to your practice. We offer here the foil with theClassic front wings; 1250, 1500, 1750 or 2000. They are complementary and compatiblewith the High Aspect wings. Your S-Foil Classic comes in a standard version, including a very versatile, multi-discipline fuselage and stabilizer, and an 80cm mast. Different sizes of masts, fuselages and stabilizers are available on our site.

In addition to these qualities, we have made sure that your foil is a model of longevity and resistance. This requires a choice of quality materials and careful construction. The wings of your S-Foil are made of high quality pre-preg carbon. For the aluminum parts, we chose a material from the aeronautics and marine industry, T6061 T6. With a resistant, powerful and fully modular foil, you will have a product able to follow you in your evolution, without entering in a logic of race to the material.

Our S-Foil is equipped in its standard and most versatile configuration, with a standard 80cm mast, fuselage and stabilizer. This configuration allows to practice the maximum of foil disciplines, from Wing surfing to Kite Foiling through SUP foiling or Wake Foiling. It is supplied with its carrying case and its complete set of screws.

Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka

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Surfing with the Sroka Company wingfoil pack with the foil board, the foil and the Sroka Wing

What are the differences between a Classic mid aspect wing and a High Aspect wing?

It is important to choose your front wing according to your practice and your personal desires. There are many different ways to approach the practice of foiling, and that is why we offer the High Aspect range on the one hand, for those who want to glide and pump, and the Classic range of the other, whose large surfaces will make fly the beginners and the small carver without concession the surfers.

On the one hand, we have the High Aspect, which has a large scale with a small string. They have little drag, and are very efficient at pumping while offering a superb gliding sensation. They are aimed at a more experienced public in Wing Foil, but also allow you to reconnect with the waves in surf foil, or to make beautiful speed edges in kite foil and wing foil.

As for our Classic wings, they are Mid Aspect. If they are less efficient at pumping, they are also very versatile and more manageable. The large surfaces like the 1750 and 2000 will be perfect for those who fly freeride or for beginners, thanks to a better lateral stability than a Low Aspect wing. These models, tolerant and evolutive, have their place in the quiver of an experienced rider who is looking for lift in light wind. Next are the 1250 and 1500 models, which are fast, playful and very manageable wings. If you like carving and intense bottom turn insurf foiling or if you are a skilled Wing Foiling rider, they are an excellent choice. Thanks to its medium wingspan, it is even possible to practice kitefoil and windfoil in freeride mode with the 1250! Overall, Mid Aspect ratio shines by its versatility and never let you down in any situation.

To learn more about how a foil works, we propose an article on the subject, as well as another article dedicated to the differences between the different aspect ratios.

explanations of the difference between a Mid Aspect, Low Aspect and High Aspect foil

Hight Aspect front wing foil

Surf Foiling with the S-Foil High Aspect by Sroka Company

How to choose your S-Foil Classic front wing?

The 2000 front foiling wing(XXL): This is the front wing that offers the most lift. Very powerful, it allows the most important sizes to start easily in Wing. If it is not the fastest of the wings, it allows to take off in a minimum of wind and in a not very load-bearing environment, like the mountain lakes. It can also be suitable for experienced riders looking to dock starting or ride in very light winds.

The front foil wing 1750 (XL): This is the perfect wing to start out with in Wing surfing. It will be able to make take off in all comfort the sizes from 70 to 90Kg, while keeping an interesting potential of evolution. Versatile, it allows you to taste the sensations of SUP Foil, downwind foil and to begin in Surf Foil in small soft waves. Towed behind a boat, it will make you take off quickly. If you are looking to start Wing Surfing with a progressive wing and have fun in small waves, this is by far the most interesting choice.

The front foil 1500 (L): In Wingsurfing, it allows the lightest sizes to start without having a too powerful wing and to progress quickly. The main feature of this wing is its impressive versatility. Whether it’s the Wing Foiling, Wake Foiling, Surf or SUP Foiling, it offers an amazing compromise between glide, stability and handling. It can also be used as a wind foiling in light wind and small sail sizes (5m or less) for magical freeride sessions. The 1500 is the right wing for you if you want to do everything with only one front wing.

The 1250 front foil wing (M): For the more skilled and experienced rider, the 1250 kite is a little gem of carving and surf feeling. In Surf Foiling, Wing foiling, and SUP Foiling, it will combine speed and maneuverability to give you great surfing moments. It will even be possible to use it in Kite foiling and Windfoiling, where it will be perfect for a practice without headache.

What’s new for the S-Foil 2021?

The S-Foil has been improved. Technically, it is lighter, more powerful and more rigid, but also easier to maneuver. But its main novelty is elsewhere: it is now entirely modular, and all its parts are interchangeable. With a single foil, you open up all disciplines. Simple and quick to assemble, it allows you to get out on the water as quickly as possible to take advantage of its full potential.

Improved weight and rigidity

We have made many changes to make our S-Foil stiffer than ever. Its wider deck, lighter mast and improved connection give the whole package high performance at a weight approaching that of a full carbon foil (around 3.9Kg). We have adjusted the angle of incidence of each front wing for a perfect balance between technique, glide and power.

saut en wing foil à l'ile Maurice avec le matériel Sroka
Sroka Company mid aspect wing range

A modular foil

Our S-Foil is fully modular. Our new range of fuselages, from ultra-short to long, the new stabilizers, the different sizes of masts and all the wings are interchangeable. Whatever your need, there is a version of the S-Foil to meet it. Its connections and quality finish make it a plu-and-play product that is easy to use, assemble and disassemble.

A high-end construction

Our S-Foil is made of the finest materials. A high-end, high-performance pre-preg carbon is combined with a T6061 aluminum used in aviation and resistant to the marine environment. This selection of materials combined with long developed hydrodynamic characteristics make the S-Foil Classic a model of performance and durability.

S- Foil 1750 SROKA Company


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