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Discover the S-Foil High Aspect

With a choice ofHigh Aspect front wing(1190 L or 1190 S), the S-Foil 2021 offers effortless pumping and a magical gliding sensation. This range complements the classic S-Foil range, offering complementary front wings to push the limits of your practice:

  • The HA 1190 S (Speed) wing is made for Wingfoiling. It offers a great feeling of speed in addition to a super efficient pumping. This fin is one of the fastest in our range, along with the 1250 Classic. Thanks to its profile, Aspect Ratio and wingspan, it offers excellent straight-line stability, in addition to smooth, easy and fully controlled speed peaks. It will also work wonders in Kite Foil and Wind Foil.
  • The H 1190 L (Lift) wing is for those who love surfing sports, such as Surf Foiling, SUP foiling, Wake Foiling. The HA 1190 L (Lift) wing is clearly oriented Surf Foil with a lifting profile but slower than the HA 1190 S. Its 15 to 20% of The extra lift allows you to optimize your pumping to reconnect the waves endlessly.

Discover all the new features that the S-Foil 2021 brings and the details of the High Aspect range. We also help you to choose your wing before foiling according to your practice in this product sheet!

The High Aspect range will be expanded with new wings during the year.


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Why choose a High Aspect front wing rather than a Classic Mid aspect wing?

Our two range have fundamental differences that will affect your practice. First, the general shape of the front wing is different. The High Aspect has a smaller camber, a longer span, a thinner profile and a smaller string. You have better glide, pumping efficiency and less drag. For example, our HA 1190 Lift is slightly faster than our 1750 medium aspect front wing with a little more lift than a Classic 1500 front wing. The profiles of the High Aspect range are also thinner, especially the Speed. High aspect profiles are perfect for those looking for pumping efficiency, smoothness and lift, while those who want more maneuverability and stability in curves will choose low aspect or medium aspect profiles.

With a High Aspect front wing underfoot, the efficiency of your pumping will be multiplied; it will have carried you farther with less effort! You will also rediscover what it means to glide, and your speed records will fall one after the other.

For those who want to know more about the different Aspect Ratios, we propose a detailed article on the subject. All the technical details of our wings are available here.

explanations of the difference between a Mid Aspect, Low Aspect and High Aspect foil

How do I choose my front wing for my S Foil High Aspect 2021?

A High Aspect fin is not enough to be effective. The front wing must also have the right hydrodynamic profile for its practice, and there are thousands of them in our database alone. Don’t panic, we have taken the time to select the best of them. We have also made them different, but complementary. This is where the HA 1190 S and HA 1190 L come into their own.

Practice HA 1190 S (speed) HA 1190 L (lift)
Wing Perfect for medium to strong wind conditions, fast, excellent control and stability. Less efficient than the Speed. Orient yourself to the 1750 for the light wind. Can be useful in small swell trains in surfing.
Sup Very fast front wing, made for powerful waves more than for calm conditions Excellent bearing capacity for an early start. Fast wing for a surf wing. Allows to reconnect the waves.
Kite & Wind Fast take off. Speed, great glide, stability and control for a sensational freeride front wing. Less adapted than the HA 1190 S. Discover our specialized wind foil and kite foil products by clicking on the links.
Wake Less suitable than the HA 1190 L because too fast Fast and easy take off, efficient pumping, stable front wing.
Down Wind For strong wind and sea conditions. Reactive and fast wing. Combines great flying comfort, maneuverability and excellent stability in all conditions.
Tow Ideal for powerful towed waves. Ideal for soft towed waves.

High Aspect foil front wing comparator to choose the right High Aspect HA 1190 L and HA 1190 Speed front fin by Sroka

Guide for choosing your high aspect or mid aspect front wing

What’s new in S-Foil 2021

It is as enthusiasts strong of our experience with the 2020 range that we bring several modifications to the S-Foils. The goal is to make our foil more powerful, light, durable, but also fully modular. Our S-Foil High Aspect 2021 is 50% stiffer than the 2020 model. Its weight is reduced by about 500g, to challenge the weight of a carbon foil. All its parts are interchangeable and you can freely change the size of the mast, the length of the fuselage, the front wing or the stabilizer, according to your desires and the sport you are most passionate about: with a foil, you open yourself to all disciplines.

S Foil High Aspect 2021 parts

A top plate designed to take the stresses

We are not fundamentally changing our top plate system, but we have improved the design. Rather than a rectangular shape, we chose a curved design to better distribute the forces of the foil on the rails. It is also thicker and has a deeper masthead. The foil is stiffened and its performance improved.

platine aluminium S Foil High Aspect

mât aluminium S Foil High Aspect

More rigidity, maneuverability and lightness for our mast

Our S-Foil mast has also been improved. Wider but with a shorter rope, it is now more manageable, stiffer and lighter. You will feel your surfing and maneuvering like never before. To accompany you in your evolution, we propose you several sizes of mast, from 70cm to 90cm.

A new connection for interchangeable parts

Our new connection will increase rigidity and reduce the risk of oxidation, but its main interest is to make your S-Foil fully customizable. This connection makes it possible to adapt all the fins of the 2021 range and those to come, to allow you to practice all the foil disciplines.

Fuselage S Foil Sroka

For those of you who own Foil version 2020or earlier with the old connection system, we won’t forget you. If you want to adapt the new 2021 wings on your S-Foil, we will soon propose a fuselage at cost price (70€) on our website to allow you to upgrade your foil.

Quality, versatility, performance, at the best price-quality ratio

Our goal is to seek the best possible value for money. With the S-Foil, we want to offer you a product that goes beyond the standards of equipment racing: with a single foil, you have access to all disciplines. For this, our range welcomes our two latest models, the HA1190 L (lift) and S (speed) front wings, which will give your quiver all the versatility you’ve been dreaming of, without the need to change your foil. We have chosen the most performing construction materials to offer you incredible sensations. But that’s not all. We want our S-Foils to be models of longevity, products that can accompany you for a long time and everywhere. For this, we select the best carbon for our front wings and stabilizers. The T6061 T6 aluminum mast (used in the aeronautics and marine industries) offers unparalleled rigidity and resistance to the harshness of the marine environment.

Our foils are accompanied by boards made in France, built in full sandwich (fiberglass or carbon): the Sky Rider 5’2, 5’5, 5’8, 6’3 and 7’8 for wing foil, sup foil, wind foil. They join the Fast Flyer range, perfect for Surf Foil, Kitefoil, Tow and Wingfoil. We manufacture our boards in France, in the Morbihan.

Materials Carbon pre-preg wings/stab; T6061 T6 aluminium mast
Level Intermediate to expert
Front wing surface 1190 cm2 (HA 1190 S & L)
Front wing span 91 cm
Mast length 70 cm, 80 cm, 90cm
Front wing cord 16’5cm (HA 1190 S & L)
Aspect ratio High Aspect – 7 (HA 1190 S & L)
Standard fuselage length 69cm
Mast chord 12,3 cm
Box Top plate for US box. Universal connexion.
Stab wingspan 42 cm
Stab chord 8 cm
Weight 3,9Kg


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