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Discover the S Foil High Aspect 2021 from Sroka

2021 sees the inauguration of our new S Foil High Aspect in 1190 Speed and Lift which perfectly completes the classic S Foil range, more typical carving. The S Foil High Aspect 2021, equipped with a choice of High Aspect wings (1190 L or 1190 S), offers effortless and super efficient pumping and a disconcerting feeling of glide and speed. In order to have a range of complementary products, we have selected front wing profiles offering different performances

  • The first option is the combination of the S Foil with the HA 1190 S (Speed) front wing. This configuration is suitable for Wing foil at high speed and in strong conditions, but also for foil surfing powerful swell trains. This is our fastest configuration, with the potential for a disconcerting sensation of speed and glide. We wanted a hydrodynamic profile to complement the HA 1190 (Lift). From the more than 7000 possibilities in our database, we have selected the right one. The profile of the HA 1190 S is thinner and therefore less lifting but 20% faster than that of the HA 1190 L.
    • For those who want to get more power in Surf Foil, SUP Foil, or in light wind in Wing Foil, we have thought of you. The HA 1190 L (Lift) has a more lifting profile than the HA 1190 S. Its 15 to 20% extra liftallows effortless pumping and gliding, connecting the waves without ever stopping.

Discover all the new features of the S Foil 2021, its High Aspectwings and how to choose them. The pack includes an S Foil, a High Aspect fin of your choice and the protective and transport bag.

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Why choose a High Aspect ratio front wing rather than a low aspect ratio front wing?

Low Aspect and High Aspect profiles have fundamental differences. To begin with, their shapes are different. The High Aspect fins have a reduced camber, a large wingspan and a smaller chord to reduce drag. Uses and performance are impacted. To give an example, our HA 1190 L is faster than our 1250 carving. It will also have a take off potential of a little more than a 1500. The High Aspect profiles are therefore perfect for those who are looking for pumping efficiency, glide and lift, while those who want greater manoeuvrability and stability in curves will choose low aspect profiles

With our High Aspect profiles, never before has your pumping taken you so far with so little effort, you will rediscover what it feels like toglide, and your speed records will fall one after the other.

If you would like to know more about how a foil works, have a look at our article on the subject! To help you choose the right High Aspect profile for your practice, see our short guide below.

How do I choose my front wing for my S Foil High Aspect 2021?

A High Aspect fin is not enough to be effective. The front wing must also have the right hydrodynamic profile for its practice, and there are thousands of them in our database alone. Don’t panic, we took the time to select the best among them. We have also made them different, but complementary. This is where the HA 1190 S and HA 1190 L come into their own.

Practice HA 1190 S (speed) HA 1190 L (lift)
Wing Perfectly adapted to medium to strong wind conditions, very fast, excellent control and stability at high speed. Complements the HA1190 S by optimising the low range. Faster start in light wind, accessible to all levels. Lots of control at low speed in manoeuvres and in flight. Easy pumping
Sup Very fast wing designed for powerful waves much more than for calm conditions. Excellent lift Allows you to take off early. Fast wing, wide range of use, super efficient pumping to connect from wave to wave.
Kite & Wind Relatively fast departure. Speed, high glide, stability and control are combined here. Less suitable than the HA 1190 S due to its lower speed. Discover our specialized wind foil and kite foil products by clicking on the links.
Wake Less suitable than the HA 1190 L because it is too fast. Very fast departures, extremely efficient pumping, stable
Down Wind For strong wind conditions with heavy seas, very reactive and fast Great comfort in flight, easy and manoeuvrable, very good stability in all conditions.
Tow Ideal for more powerful towed waves Ideal for soft towed waves

What’s new on the S foil High Aspect

Based on our experience, we make several modifications to S Foils to make them even more efficient and pleasant to use. We have tried to make them stiffer and lighter, to make them even faster and easier to handle. Our S Foil High Aspect 2021 gaines 50% more rigidity, giving you maximum control and ensuring that these developments allow you to become one with your foil. It also gains around 500g compared to S Foil 2020, approaching the weight of a carbon foil, with the strength and rigidity of aluminium.

We have designed these products to be plug-and-play, and we want them to remain so.  Our turntable system and the new fuselage guarantee a very simple and quick assembly, to get you out on the water as quickly as possible.

A reinforced and rethought plate

Without fundamentally changing our plate system, we have improved its design. Rather than a rectangular design, we have chosen a system capable of distributing the load harmoniously thanks to a larger surface area. It is also thicker. The mast footprint is deeper. It is stronger, stiffer and more durable than ever. The entire foil is stiffened and performance is improved.




A lighter and stiffer mast

The design of our masts is also evolving. They are now 27% lighter, and 50% stiffer, while retaining their strength and durability with less rope. A shorter mast with a shorter rope will improve manoeuvrability, making your manoeuvres smoother and your foil more responsive. Our masts are available in several sizes; 70, 80 and 90cm to suit all needs, in all conditions.


A stiffer fuselage, improved connections

Our  Surf Foil fuselage is becoming more rigid overall. It is more streamlined, with less drag. By increasing the mast footprint in the S-Foil fuselage, the mast to fuselage connection is stronger and stiffer. In addition, we have redesigned the connection with the front wing, which has been completely redesigned to provide even more rigidity. Finally, to increase rigidity even more, all the S-Foil screws are changed to M8, which reduces the number of screws and increases user comfort.


For those who own S Foil version 2020 or earlier with the old connection system, we do not forget you. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@srokacompany.com, or contact your local shop. We will offer you a solution adapted to your needs.




Performance, quality and versatility

We were the first brand to seek the best possible value for money in the world of foil by founding the S-Foil range. Today, we have added the two latest additions to the range, the HA 1190 L (lift) and S (speed). As with all our foils, we have chosen the most high-performance construction materials to offer you unique and incredible sensations, but not only. We want all our foils to be models of durability and resistance, products capable of accompanying you everywhere and for a long time, whatever your progress and your goals. To achieve this, we select the best carbon for our fins. In addition, the T6061 T6 aluminium mast (used in the aeronautical and marine industry) guarantees exemplary rigidity and exceptional durability in a marine environment.

To accompany our foils, we have designed boards perfectly adapted for all types of practice: the Sky Rider 5’2, 5’5, 5’8, 6’3 and 7’8 for wing foil, sup foil and wind foil. In addition, the Fast Flyer 4’2, 4’6 and 5′ dedicated to Surf Foil, Kitefoil, Tow and Wingfoil (4’6 and 5′). All our boards are made in France (Brittany). For those looking for less versatile but more specialised models, we offer the latest Pocket Board 2021, for Pontoon starts, Tow Surf and Kite Foil.

Below you will find details of the characteristics of our S Foil High Aspect.


Made of Wings carbon pre-preg ; alu mast T6061 T6 (high quality)
Level Intermediate to Expert level
Front wing area 1190
Spam front wing 91 cm
mast ‘s lenght 70 cm, 80 cm, 90cm
Corde ailette avant 16,5cm
Aspect ratio High Aspect – 6,96 (HA 1190 S & L)
Lenght fuselage 69cm
Mast wide 12,3 cm
Box Top plate
Spam rear wing 42 cm
Stab’s rope 8 cm
Total Weight 3,9Kg


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