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Stand up paddle Foil

Stand up paddle Foil  or SUPfoiling is a fascinating new sport that you’ll have to try. Once you’ve experienced the fun, you’ll be hooked.

And you don’t need Hawaii-style ideal conditions, as the Sroka SUPfoil rides beautifully in European conditions, having been developed in Brittany.

The weaker the waves, the greater the SUPfoil’s performance and ease of use. You can adapt to the conditions by changing the size of the front wing.

Many brands use aluminium masts. However, due the stresses and forces produced when riding on waves, we prefer to use full carbon masts to maximise the foil’s rigidity and responsiveness.  This saves weight and improves performance at the same time.

The Stand up paddle Foil package fits together perfectly – this is truly a plug and play product! You won’t need to adjust your foil. Just head off on the water for hours of fun. You can adapt the size of the front wing in relation with your level and waves conditions

The full package contains the board and the foil, each with its own cover.

Dimensions of Blue Sky board: 7’8x 30”  120 l. With this board in the double agent, you can use in foil but in the same time use in Stand up paddle only; Play double time with the same équipment.

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2 reviews for SUPfoil & board package

  1. Un foil tellement facile que j ai été étonné de la rapidité d’apprentissage. La qualité du produit est juste parfaite. Tout a été pensé dans la bonne direction.. J’adore ce sup foil. Je m’éclate sur toutes les vagues. Merci l’équipe Sroka!

  2. I bought this hydrofoil 1 month ago, and it such an easy to learn hydrofoil. I also felt that there is some progression with this with this S-foil which will keep me busy for some time. I have bought an extra front wing. So now I have RS M and RS L wings. When the waves are small i use the RS L wing and if waves are bigger I use the RS M to go faster and have more control of my hydrofoil. Overall it is a really great foil. I strongly recommend it to those who are looking for an accessible and well balanced foil. On the website I saw they advise to rinse the hydrofoil with the fresh water to avoid any corrosion problems. For the moment I see none.

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