Inflatable Paddle Malibu 10’x31x5 – Fusion

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The Malibu 10′ Inflatable SUP is an all-around board, ideal for riding with friends or family. We have designed this inflatable SUP board to be used for beginners and/or family practice, whether it is for hiking, surfing or trying out yoga. The Malibu 10′ will be very suitable for lighter riders, looking for a versatile board to ride and discover the joys of small waves. TheThe eMalibu 10′ is the little brother of the Malibu 10’6, which is wider, thicker and longer, and gives you the same advantages for larger people. This paddle has been designed for all those who are looking for a unique and versatile SUP.

This year we offer two options: the first package, standard, includes the board, a carry bag and a double action hand pump. The second pack, premium and all comfort, includes an electric pump, leash, board, carrying bag and a 50% carbon paddle with a plastic blade.

If you weigh less than 80 kg, this board is perfectly suited to your size. However, this SUP board can support a maximum load of 100 kg due to its 13 cm (5″) thickness. Its dimensions of 305 cm (10′) long and 79 cm (31”) wide make it a very stable and manoeuvrable board. If you are still unsure about which inflatable stand up paddle board is right for you, check out our article on the subject!

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Inflatable Paddle Malibu 10′


We have managed to achieve maximum versatility with a compromise of glide and stability. For us, there is no need for superfluous accessories to stiffen the board. We have used the best Dropstitch and PVC on the market. The three layers of PVC on the rails stiffen the boards (exclusive to SROKA), giving you one of the best glides of any paddles on the market while having a solid product.

This Malibu 10′ inflatable paddle provides an ideal compromise between stability and glide. Its 9kg weight is perfect for transport and to ensure a good glide once on the water. Come and see this new range in shop or discover the Malibu 10′ Girly Fusion inflatable paddle or the Waves 9’5 Fusion inflatable paddle

When quality meets innovation:

  • ROCKER : slight rocker to handle all conditions with ease and comfort
  • RAILS : soft and round along the length of the board which gives a very pleasant glide.
  • VOLUME : homogeneous volume, the 5′ thickness allows to be more stable on the water.
  • OUTLINE: 31″ wide in the centre of the paddle for maximum stability.
  • TAIL : the round tail increases stability on the board.
  • NOSE : round nose that increases stability
  • DERIVE : 3 removable fins
  • RIGIDITY : +++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails.


A carrying back pack is included in your SUP pack will allow properly store your board. The bag design is perfectly adapted for board storing and transportation. Here are the details of the robust and easy-to-use all-terrain bag:

  • Volume: 149 L
  • Big and specious for storing your SUP
  • Ultra light bag, very resistant to abrasion.
  • Strong handle.
  • Ultra-comfortable straps that adapt to your body shape for safe carrying.

Malibu bag blue and orange

The complete pack option for your inflatable SUP: the choice of absolute comfort

In addition to the standard option, we offer you the Full Pack option. The complete SUP package provides total set-up convenience with the electric pump, plus it gives you everything you need to get out on the water as soon as you unpack your inflatable SUP, including a 50% carbon paddle and a Sroka leash. Inflatable stand up paddle board in complete package


Our goal is to offer you more than a paddle board, it is an exceptional product that we offer you with :

  • A price accessible to everyone.
  • A unique design with an impeccable quality.
  • 3 removable fins.
  • A double flow pump
  • An all-terrain bag, solid and easy to use
  • A repair kit
  • Two year warranty for the PVC

SPECS inflatable paddle malibu 10'6


Fusion technology is one of the primary steps in the construction of the inflatable board. The upper part of the Drop Stich PVC (dense polyester filaments) is fused with the second PVC layer. This high-tech technology has many advantages. This saves about 2 kg (20%) on the overall weight of the board. In addition, it improves the visual appearance of the board by making it smoother and more pleasant to the touch. It also increases the longevity of the product by avoiding the peeling problems that can occur with some brands.

Finally, this increases the stiffness of the board by almost 30%, thus avoiding over-inflating the boards. Ideally, we recommend an inflatable around 15 – 17 psi. We are the only brand on the market to offer three layers on the rails to increase rigidity and eliminate air leakage problems. This technology allows us to guarantee you one of the most reliable products on the market. It is the best value for money in the high-end inflatable paddle market.

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer). He makes it a point of honor that each of the products be a top-of-the-range, easy-to-use product of impeccable quality and comfort that will last over time.

If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Chat (quick response): If you would like more information, please contact us via chat, specifying the product you require.
Email: Contact us.

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