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The new SROKA S-Foil allows you to change sport according to the conditions: Windfoil, Surf foil, Sup foil, Wake foil, Wing foil and Kite foil !

Flying over the swell and easily moving from wave to wave, accelerating while going down the swell and gliding without touching the water. Great new sensations now possible thanks to the development of hydrofoils. We have developed the S-Foil to be as efficient as it is versatile in the water for an affordable price so that as many people as possible can discover this

Equipped with an anodised aluminium mast and fuselage, the front and rear wings that are made of Carbon Pre-preg 3K with a unique shape for extraordinary performance. It is available in 4 different sizes of front wings according to your progress and to the conditions you are foiling in as well the discipline that you choose: M blue (1250cm2), L yellow (1500cm2), XL orange (1750cm2) and XXL red (2000cm2).

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Longueur du mât (entre boitier et fuselage)



Largeur mât (5cm du haut)

Largeur mât (5cm du bas)




Largeur du stabilisateur


S-Foil SROKA : Versatility and Performance

SROKA brand was the first kite foiling brand that offered since the very beginning the foiling equipment at a very good price and quality ratio. We kept our path by developing Windfoils and the S-Foil six-in-one. These our products were designed and tested on the coast of Brittany, France. No need to have Hawaiian conditions for the SROKA S-Foil because it is perfectly adapted to European conditions and your local spots!

The T6061 aluminum mast provides excellent rigidity when up foiling. The mast comes in a different variety of sizes. It is one of the most essential elements to have the maximum reactivity under your feet while surf foiling the swell. Same as our K-Foil and W-foil products the S-Foil is equipped with a high quality 3K pre-preg carbon front wing and rear wing offering the best performance. The fuselage is made of aluminum that has been cut in the mass which guarantees maximum strength and rigidity.

The front wing attaches to the fuselage interlocking for an easy setup  before and after each session, and excellent overall stiffness. The aluminum mast is inserted into the fuselage and the pre-preg carbon rear wing is screwed on top of the fuselage.


The S-Foil has been designed and tested during several months in Brittany and Mediterranea. It works in any type of conditions and performs amazingly in terms of speed, lift and carving.

The foil is fixed with a standard top plate mount that fits any board using double US boxes.

To practice SUP Foiling, Wing Foiling or Windfoiling we developped a board that is perfectly adapted for the beginning, learning and improving sessions. The 7’8 SKY RIDER is the best and most comfortable board adapted for each of these disciplines.

Depending on the conditions and the discipline, you can switch the front wing between a smaller or bigger. The bigger the front wing is, the easier it is to foil in the light wind conditions. We detailed above the specificities of use for each front wing size of the S-Foil.


The S-Foil is perfectly adjusted and allows having fun in the waves from the very first moments. No need to adjust your rear wing to find the right balance, it is perfectly adjusted already. For surfers, you can add a pro-box box to customize your surf and/or sup foil or use our top plat adapter.

This foil has been developed over several months of testings in Brittany, Provence and Corsica (France). The softer the waves are, the easier and more efficient the foil is. For those who wish to surf foil, it is perfectly adapted with the kite foil/surf foil SROKA hybrid 160 board. For those who wants to SUP Foil, Wing Foil or Windfoil we have developed a series of the boards that perfectly suite any of your riding level or your body type. You can see our SKY RIDER range for more information.  Finally, you will be able to use is for the Wake Foiling behind the boat or making a dock start foiling  (for this we do recommend using a smaller board such as our Pocket board.) By adapting the size of the wing to the activity you wish to practice it is very easy to foil in no time.

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer). He makes it a point of honor that each of the products be a top-of-the-range, easy-to-use product of impeccable quality and comfort that lasts over time.


The foil is not made to go looking for powerful waves that break quickly. It is a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves that do not break and that will allow you to fully exploit the swell train with your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and really doesn’t make sense.

It is important to stay away from surfers, swimmers and obstacles during your sessions.
We recommend the use of a helmet, a protective jacket and a full neoprene suit.

It is therefore necessary to take all the precautions of use in surfing, sup, wing foil. In this practice, we should not overestimate ourselves.
Start in small conditions with soft waves (-70 cm) and especially do not go in conditions of hollow and powerful waves.

The practice of foiling can become dangerous for you and others if you do not respect certain common sense instructions. Poor control or use on an overcrowded spot can result in cuts or serious injuries.

SROKA declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving a SROKA foil. The practice of foiling is the sole responsibility of the user.


If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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For more information on choosing your equipment according to your practice:

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How to choose your SURF FOIL

How to Downwind on SUP Foil

How to Wing Foil



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