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SROKA Universal Kite Bar

The SROKA Universal kite bar is ready to ride with many kites on the market. The 4 lines are of equal size so it can be adapted to almost all kites on the market. The Universal kite bar is perfect for free ride practice. We have two sizes of kite bar: 50 cm and 55 cm which allows you to choose the best compromise according to the size of the kite. The 55 cm will be perfectly adapted to kites larger than 11 m2 and the 50 cm bar will allow you to ride with all kites smaller than 11 m2.

The rear lines are protected by reinforced Neoprene foam around the bar, which guarantees a very comfortable ride, a good grip underwater and prevents the lines from getting tangled underwater. Even in kiteloops, the foams on the stern will protect your fingers from being pinched if you take the helm as a “fishing rod”. Ease, comfort, ergonomics and efficiency perfectly describe this Universal Kite bar SROKA

  • Length of bar 2 sizes 50 cm and 55 cm
  • Stainless steel bar center
  • Alu Tubes T6061 Wing
  • Leash for the bar

This universal kite bar is perfectly suited for use with The kite OUESK SROKA


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The Universal Kite Bar: the advantages of the Universal Kite Bar

  • We have a large depower which allows us to easily handle gusts and guarantee you a great control even if the wind is rising rapidly. This will help you a lot in the waves to take the extra power if the wind is on the wrong direction
  • If you have a slight differential on your kite brigade, the trim tab will allow you to easily take up this differential and thus ensure that the kite will hold up well when sailing.
  • When you release your kite, the leash is held on a single line for maximum safety. In this case, when you release the kite, the leash is held on a single front line and the trim is easy to catch.
  • The extrémity of the trim is wrapped in black neoprene which gives great comfort and allows easy visual cueing to catch it.
  • The safety release allows easy release under load and the cleat is very effective in adjusting the length of the trim to the desired length. The safety release allows easy release under load. The safety release allows you to release the trim easily under load and is up to today’s standards, so to release it you just have to push on the red zone of the width. It is also very easy to reset.
  • Equipped with a release mechanism that will allow you to easily destwist the lines.
  • The stick is fixed on the chicken loop so it is easily accessible.
  • Elastics to hold the lines when your lines are wrapped around the bar.
Kite bar
Grip moulé très confortable

Line lengths

We have a standard line length of 23m. The diameter of our lines are slightly larger than the overall lines to ensure a longer life span of the lines over time. Each line is equipped with a key to avoid you making mistakes when connecting the front and rear lines..

SROKA Universal Kite Bar Finishes

The finish of this bar has nothing to envy the big bars on the market. The choice of materials is of very high quality: Aluminum T6061 to guarantee a better resistance in the marine environment, high quality lines, a comfort of neoprene moulded on the handle very pleasant to feel your kite and have a maximum of control. The shock edging is sheathed to optimize friction.

Maintenance of the Universal kite bar.

All parts of the SROKA universal kite bar are removable and interchangeable. Therefore SROKA kite bars are easy to maintain over time. Regular rinsing will guarantee a longer life span.


Barre de Kitesurf universelle SROKA


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Cette barre de Kite Universelle s’adapte parfaitement avec les ailes SROKA Ouesk. Pour plus d’informations, suivez ce lien ici


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