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This waterproof 5-litre SROKA bag is ideal for storing your cellphone, keys, sunscreen and water bottle during your rides. Thanks to its shoulder strap you can carry it on you or slip it into the nets of your SUPs.

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The waterproof bag from Sroka Company will follow you on all your adventures!

Able to protect 5 litres of equipment, the waterproof bag will be ideal to put your car keys, your smartphone but also a small bottle of water and a sweater. In summer don’t forget your sunscreen and your camera!

The bag comes with a strap to carry it on the shoulder, but you can also slip it into the nets of our inflatable paddles such as the Girly, Malibu 10 or the Alpha range. This high quality bag is ideal for your stand up paddle rides, boat trips, diving, snorkeling, swimming pool and beach days of course.

The waterproof closing system is very simple: simply roll the top of the bag 3 times on itself and join it on both sides using the loops provided for this purpose. To help you in a real situation, the instructions are printed in Digital Printing on the bag, you will never be lost!

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