Windfoil package 2 front wings small and medium

1082,50 HT
1299,00 TTC


A Windfoil package which will allow you to progress and to foil no matter the conditions.

  • A front wing RS Small 1000 cm2, 100% carbon
  • A front wing RS Medium 650 cm2, 100% carbon
  • A versatile back wing, 100% carbon
  • An Aluminium monobloc fuselage highly resistant
  • An 85cm mast, 100% carbon


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Longueur du mât (entre boitier et fuselage)


Largeur mât (5cm du haut)

Largeur mât (5cm du bas)


Largeur du stabilisateur

With a surface area of 1000 cm2, our RS Large wing gives you rapid take-off, still with excellent glide and speed.

The wings and mast are carbon, and the fuselage in monobloc aluminum for maximum rigidity. We worked especially hard to reduce drag to optimize this windfoil’s performance.

Its wings are fixed beneath the fuselage to further increase the foil’s rigidity and hold at high speed. The mast plugs into a mast insert and is held in place by three screws. 

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A 650 cm² wing highly stable which offers a very good control with a strong wind, even though you started with a light wind.

Winglets make the foil stable in high speed and therefore offers a maximum of stability lateral & longitudinal

From beginner to expert rider

– Length: 745 mm

– Surface area: 650 cm²

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Both wings are compatible with all SROKA fuselages, whether it’s an aluminum Foil or a Carbon Foil

Every Sroka product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno Sroka (three-time kitesurfing world champion and adventurer). He prides himself on every product being 

high-end, easy to use, highly durable, and of uncompromising quality and practicality.

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