Inflatable Wing Foil Pack Sroka Air

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Inflatable Wing Foil Pack Sroka – Inflatable board Air 6′ or 6’4 – Wing Sroka 5m – S-Foil 1750

You are looking for a complete wingfoil pack with volume to start and enjoy comfortable sailing. You want this package to be durable, efficient and scalable. Your dream is to be able to leave easily with your equipment anywhere; by plane, train or on your boat, to the end of the world or to your homespot in the boot of your car. Sroka Company offers a wing pack capable of meeting all your requirements with an exceptional ease of use. We have developed the best possible combination for those who want to experience the joys of foil flying with a package that is very easy to set up so that all you have to do is enjoy the pleasure of flying.

The Sroka Air inflatable Wingfoil pack is particularly suitable for beginners and older people, and will allow you to discover and explore unique surfing and flying sensations with disconcerting ease. We have put all our know-how into the design of this pack to offer you the performance of the rigid and the advantages of the inflatable at the best imaginable quality-price ratio. Your board can be shared by the whole family, with or without foil. If you are an absolute beginner or a tall person, you will easily take off with the Air 6’4 option whose dimensions and volume (6’4×29”x6” 155L) guarantee perfect comfort. Lighter beginners or those with some notions of board sports will discover in the Air 6′ (6’x28”x6′ for 144L) an excellent board to learn and evolve.

The pack includes a Sroka Airinflatable board, an S-Foil 1750 with its protective case, the Wing Sroka 5m 2021 in its recycled plastic bag, a wing leash, a board leash, a hand pump and an all-in-one bag.

Discover our Sroka Air 6’4 inflatable Wingfoil pack below.

If you don’t know which Wing Foil pack to choose, read our article “how to choose your wingfoil pack” on the subject to make the right choice!

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The new inflatable wingsurf foil board Air 6’4

The Sroka Air 6’4 is perfect for beginners in the practice of Wing Foil and for those who are looking for high buoyancy. It benefits from all the technological advances of hardboard technology and our almost 10 years of expertise in inflatable boards to give you the best of both worlds. Its volume of 155L harmoniously distributed over a shape that is both efficient and accessible will allow you to take off with disconcerting ease and comfort. Keep only the most enjoyable aspects of the wingfoil to fully enjoy your sessions. The 6’4 Air will be perfect for family wing flying, with or without foil, thanks to its safe approach to the practice.

Discover the ease of the inflatable Wing foil board

Unprecedentedly easy to access, our inflatable boards are revolutionising board sports and can be taken anywhere, so you don’t have to miss a trip. Whether solo or with your family, your sessions have never been easier to set up. From now on, freedom will be carried away in a carry bag. Your flying sensations are not to be outdone. We have pushed the boundaries of inflatable technology to offer you the purest possible approach to foil. Our construction, guided by almost 10 years of experience in the world of inflatable SUP, guarantees optimal rigidity.

A construction of exceptional quality

Inflatable is not synonymous with a drop in quality. Our materials are handpicked from the PVC used on professional semi-rigid boards, guaranteeing the durability of your board and improving performance by making the board more rigid. From the pleasantly grooved pads to the quality of the finish, we make sure your experience is unique.

The S-Foil 2021 and its 1750 fin

Our S-Foil 2021 has been improved to become a model of performance, versatility and rigidity. Entirely modular, it makes it possible to make numerous combinations to adapt to your sailing style. Among all these possibilities, we have thought, developed and selected the best one to equip you. The S-Foil and its carbon 1750 (XL) winglet are certainly our best-selling combo. Its mid-aspect ratio gives it amazing versatility and stability for a fin capable of appreciable performance by experienced practitioners. From your first boards to freeride sessions in the light wind and for surfing waves inaccessible to surfers, this choice will remain an indispensable part of your quiver for a long time to come.

The Wing Sroka 5m

The Wing Sroka 2021 has been refurbished: new design, new shape. Its performance is significantly improved. It generates maximum power at low rpm with a small footprint, so you can fly in all conditions without the need to over-canopy. To equip all our packs, we have selected the 5m model. Its excellent range of use makes it indispensable for every quiver. Whether you like long runs and speed or aggressive surfing and curves, from beginner to expert, she will satisfy all expectations.

A stable and efficient Wing

In order to give you a perfect trim in all circumstances, we have lengthened the wingspan of your Wing Sroka. For your first tacks or to ride the windy swell, this lengthening reduces drag and increases your speed tenfold. The trough is created and maintained by a sectorial cut of the spinnaker, which gives you total control of your power, even in gusty winds.

Optimisation at low rpm

Forget the bulky and soft Wings. The Wing Sroka generates maximum power at low revs, with no unnecessary clutter and full control. It’s super easy to start planning or surfing. With its raised flange section and excellent rigidity, the Wing does not deform. Your performance and pumping are boosted.

Lightness and performance

We keep only the necessary handles, located in carefully studied places, for an immediate grip. The Wing is double, accessible, handy and light. The Wing Sroka refocuses you on the pleasure of flying and saves your endurance, becoming the extension of your arms in flight.

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