Wing SROKA 3,3m – 4m – 5m – 6m

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WING SROKA 3,3m – 4m – 5m – 6m

We decided to go further than ever with the new WING Sroka 2021 (available in 3,3m 4m, 5m and 6m), so you can do the same in your sessions. With a new shape and a redesigned construction by the triple kitesurfing world champion Bruno Sroka and its team, it benefits from a significant gain of performance in super light wind, weight, stability, maneuverability and therefore performance. We have optimized the low wind range on this Wing to allow you to fly earlier without having to over-canopy yourself. This allows you to generate maximum power with minimum space requirement.

With its amazing versatility and wide range of use, this wing will make beginners fly with confidence as well as reveal your potential and accelerate your performance. Jump, surf, break your records or simply discover and enjoy the joy of flying over the wave, the Wing 2021 can do almost everything, except flying alone. Its 5m version, by far the most versatile, is equipped with all our inflatable and solid Wing surfing Packs, together with the S-Foil and its 1750 front wing.

Your Wing has long, incredibly comfortable handles, 37cm long, for a free and intuitive placement, without possible mistakes. There are 4 of them, two on the central slat and two in V between the central slat and the leading edge. These V-shaped handles allow you to tack with unparalleled fluidity. They also allow you to rest on long edges, to stabilize the Wing or to gain power, but also to always find a support in jibe: they will quickly prove to be indispensable, just like the second inflation/deflation valve on the central batten.

Available in 3.3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. Sold with its leash and its bag in recycled materials.

We equip all our Wing Foiling Packs in 5m, for the sake of versatility. If you want to find out how to choose your Wing pack, here is an article on the subject!

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Weight 2.4 kg

Discover the new Wing Sroka and its design

For thisnew Sroka wingWe have put all our know-how on the table to represent the sensations of freedom you will feel in flight. Our Wing Sroka lands in 2021 with elegant colours and a sleek design inspired by the mythical Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane adorned with its invasion stripes. The design of our Wing is not the only reference to this legendary model: we have also made sure that its performance also pays tribute to it.

Conseils d'achat pour pack Wingfoil

Speed and stability

We’ve lengthened the wingspan of our Wing to give you perfect stability, even in your wildest surf. This increased Aspect Ratio reduces drag and increases your top speed tenfold. Thanks to a sectorial cutting of the spinnaker, the profile is better maintained and the hollow stabilized. This considerably increases power control, even in your most intense acceleration phases. Combined with the HA 1190 Speed front wing, perfect for Wing Foil, it will reveal all your potential.

Light wind optimisation

Forget about the time when you had to over-canvass to be able to take off quickly. We’ve made sure that you generate as much power as possible as soon as possible, while keeping the footprint as small as possible. Your surfing and your departures will be all the easier. For pumping and performance, we have preserved a high flange section that maintains extreme stiffness and protects the wing from deformation.

aile de wingfoil Sroka

As light as a wing

“Keeping only what matters and close at hand” is the credo that has guided us in positioning our handles. Placed in carefully studied places, they make the wing soft, accessible and easy to handle, for an instant grip. The weight saved on the handles coupled with ultra-light construction and the removal of windows maximises performance, sailing pleasure and endurance to become the extension of your arms in flight. Part of it has been reinvested in carefully placed reinforcements at the points of friction, so that your Wing Sroka is as durable as it is powerful.

Choosing your Wing surface

Wing foiling navigation with Sroka Company’s Wing.


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  1. I bought the 5m, very light, easy to handle, the feeling of flight is really great (even at low rpm). I love the new design. Thanks Sroka 😉

  2. Amazing quality and price. Quick delivery, thank you !

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