Wingfoil Pack performance FAST FLYER 4’6 + S-Foil + Wing

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Pack Wingfoil FAST FLYER 4’6 + S-Foil + Wing (4, 5 or 6m2).

Set 100% ready to sail.

The Wing Foil Fast Flyer 4’6 Pack is a ready-to-ride package consisting of a 4’6 Fast Flyer foil board, a Wing (4m, 5m or 6m) and an S-Foil. The goal behind the development of this set was to allow you to do Wing in the most powerful conditions and to reach a high level of performance. Jumping, do downwind rides in total freedom, surf or even freestyle on the flat, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to discover the possibilities!

Our Fast Flyer 4’6 is guaranteed 100% French and Breton. Designed by the shaperJ.B. Marchand and made in France, everything is done to guarantee you the excellence of French know-how.

This pack gives you the possibility to choose the size of your Wing and Foil and thus create the pack that suits you best.

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Wings size

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Taille ailette avant

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The perfect pack if you are looking to push the limits in Wing Foiling and use all the potential this new sport has to offer. This pack is designed for experienced riders who already know how to surf foil and/or wing at a good level. The most technical aspect of this pack is the take-off because the volumes of the Fast Flyer imply a waterstart. But once in the air, the board is very manoeuvrable and flies even more easily than classic wing foil boards thanks to its lightness and small size. This pack also requires a little more wind but you can have fun from 15 knots with a 4m 2 Wing! This pack makes it possible to sail in a very wide range of wind conditions.


Stability and Performance

The SROKA WING has been developed to allow you to start and improve in wing foiling whatever your level. The only limit will be the one you set for yourself. We’ve been working on making it as light and simple of use as possible The SROKA Wing, is made to guarantee the maximum rigidity and strength. The positioning of the handles and their number have been reduced compared to other wings to guarantee a maximum number of options without making the Wing too heavy. But no worries, the placement has been wisely thought and you won’t need to place your hands in any other places. Everything will quickly become instinctive and you won’t even have to look for the handle anymore. The weight of the 4m Wing is around 2.1 kg making it one of the lightest wings on the market.

On the central strut there are 3 handles: One for the front hand and two for the back hand depending on the power you are looking for. A further back hand will give you more power to the Wing. On The other hand, a more advanced to front hand will allow you to intake wing’s power more easily. The handles are relatively rigid to optimize the feeling and sensation in the hands. This makes it precise in positioning the hands onto the SROKA Wing and thus to focus on your board. A V-shaped strap connects the center strut to the leading edge. This extra handle adds overall stiffness to the wing during gusts and increases the number of options for catching the wing when you surf. No need to focus on the hands, just feel the curves and your wing. Two PVC windows will help you to better choose the right wave and to observe the movement of water for your maximum safety.

The SROKA Wing is currently available in 4m and 5m. These are the two most used sizes on the market, especially when riding on a surf foil board. The 4 m support very strong winds, you will just have to reduce the size of your front S-Foil wing in order to accelerate. Having a smaller Wing is also more comfortable during waterstarts.

Informative sheet in choosing the right wing size for the Pack Wing Foil Fast Flyer 4’6.

Choosing the right wing size is very important for a comfortable sailing experience. The table below can be used as a guide to help you choose your wing sizes. Those informations are only an indication and will also depend on your technical level. A very experienced rider will be able to take off in lighter winds. Also keep in mind that an S-Foil front wing with a bigger area will allow you to take off more easily in lighter or more irregular winds.

For more information, go to How to choose Wing Foil.


S-Foil: versatility and performance.

We have developed the S-Foil six-in-one inspired by the ever-changing conditions of the Brittany coast. No need any more to dream of Hawaiian conditions, the S-Foil SROKA adapts to any type of condition, practice and any level.

The T6061 T6 aluminium mast provides excellent rigidity when cornering and is available in several sizes. This is an essential element to get the maximum reactivity when surfing. As for the aluminum K-Foil and W-Foil, it is equipped with high quality 3K pre-preg carbon wings and stabs which will assure the best performance. The fuselage is made of aluminum cut out of the mass to ensure maximum strength and rigidity.

The front wing fixes to the fuselage by fitting together one into the other for simple use before and after each session and excellent overall rigidity. The aluminum mast is plugged into the fuselage and the pre-preg carbon rear wing is screwed on top of it.

Check out our article for more information on how Foil works!

Characteristics of the different S-foil front wing options. Depending on the level and person’s measures, the following information may slightly change.

Fast Flyer Surf Foil Board.

The shape of the Fast Flyer has been studied to allow you to take off very early, even in the most muddy waves. Its double concave and sharp rails give this board increased rowing power. The other advantage of the double concave is that it will allow you to take off again even if you hit the water when pumping, during take off or during a transition between two waves. This design prevents the board from “sticking” to the surface of the water. The deck has a slight spoon shape to provide comfort of placement, ease of carving and hold.

The Fast Flyer has a total volume of 40 L which will give you enough flotation to take off early. The volumes distribution has been thought out to provide optimal balance when the board is in the air.

The board also has inserts for footstraps. They will allow you to practice a more aerial surfing or to use your pack to practice wing foil or kite foil! The perfectly distributed volumes of this board allow you to get out of the water surprisingly early. The board comes out of the water very quickly as soon as it gets speed, allowing you to start planning very quickly.

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer). He makes it a point of honor that each of the products be a top-of-the-range, easy-to-use product of impeccable quality and comfort that lasts over time.


The foil is not made for powerful waves that break quickly. It is a way to discover new spots, to go on relatively soft waves that do not break and that will allow you to fully exploit the swell train with your foil. Getting in line up with all surfers is totally inadvisable and really doesn’t make sense.

It is important to stay away from surfers, swimmers and obstacles when foiling.
We recommend the use a helmet, a protective jacket, a leash and a full neoprene suit.

It is therefore necessary to take all the precautions of use in surfing, sup, wing foil. Never overestimate your capabilities when foiling.
Start in small conditions with soft waves (1 to 2 ft waves) and especially do not go in conditions of hollow and powerful waves.

The practice of foiling can become dangerous for you and others if you do not respect common sense instructions. Poor control or use on an overcrowded spot can result in cuts or serious injuries.

SROKA declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving a SROKA foil. The practice of foiling is the sole responsibility of the user. Follow the pressure chart below to avoid damaging your kite during inflation.


If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us:

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