SROKA G10 S-Foil Adjustment Wedges


SROKA S-Foil Adjustment Shims

This set of shims produced in G10 allows the angle of the S-Foil stabiliser to be varied. This variation in angle increases the range of use of the S-Foil. These SROKA S-Foil shims are placed between the fuselage and the stabiliser. If you are using the recommended stabilisers, you will not need any shims unless you want to customise and fine tune your stabiliser to be more balanced or go faster.

We offer you a small box with 8 shims with different angles.

  • + and – 0,25°
  • + and – 0,5°
  • + and – 1°
  • + and – 2°

This makes it possible to adjust from + 3.75° to -3.75° with an accuracy of every 0.25°.


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