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DW 7’2 – 7’2W Elite Range

The range dedicated to downwind, prone and light wind.


Pre-order delivery date expected around June 10, 2024

Fly earlier in a wing like with a paddle!

Fly effortlessly! Tired of watching others sail?

Do you practice different disciplines related to downwind and/or are you looking for a board to navigate in the Ultra light wind, and you are looking for a single board to do it all?

You won’t have any more excuses! The DW has been designed for riders who want to do Ultra light wind or downwind with a wing, with a paddle or in prone. Whatever the discipline. A single board will allow you to practice all downwind disciplines.

Imagine flying like a bird over the crests of waves in Sup foil Downwind. The DW Range has been developed to provide you with disconcerting ease and ease for foiling downwind.

We have deliberately kept a reasonable width to make these boards accessible and scalable according to your level. The 7’2W is 22 inches wide, it will give you excellent stability. The 7’2 x 20 will be more technical and reserved for light or demanding riders.

We have designed this board for all watermen looking for a board for different disciplines: Sup foil downwind, Prone, and Wing foil downwind or Ultra light wind.

Board for downwind in Wingfoil or prone or with paddle

Reduced DW widths to maximize glide

In order for a board to leave early, you need to reduce its area of friction with the water. The width of the board is the main factor. But this same width will give stability in the water. A compromise must therefore be found.

Downwinding early requires little board width. Generally, when downwinding, it is windy and therefore the water is choppy. Downwind boards that are too narrow will be very unstable and will not allow you to reach your full potential. To do this, we opted for two board widths: 20 inches wide for the more experienced and 22 inches wide for the heaviest or those looking to evolve easily in all conditions.

The high speed of movement of this type of board will allow the rider to choose a smaller foil which, when in the air, will continue to accelerate and thus go from bump to bump.

This new way of sliding requires a little practice to master the starting technique. Well controlled, you will sail from ridge to ridge using only the power of the wind swell. Optimize your Ultra light wind or carving sessions even more in the waves with this DW range. Gliding endlessly for miles will no longer be a dream but reality!

Flat hull with a slight V on the front to facilitate departures in ultra light wind!

The stretched and thin outline with a sharply contoured hull will make it incredibly easy for you to reach the optimal take-off speed

The US rails are more advanced on the DW range, this gives a better distribution of the overall in-flight volume of the board. This brings more balance in the take-off phase with less movement on the board. Control will be better in carving with less length in front of the board, in pumping with better front-to-back distribution or in wing downwind. The pressure on the feet will be better distributed for better balance.

The double concave on the front re-stabilizes the board without speed and allows the acceleration of the water trickles in the gear pick-up phase.

Board for downwind in Wingfoil or prone or with paddle
planche de downwind , DW de la gamme Elite SROKA, planche de Light wind et downwind

Pintel for a reduction in drag.

The pintel on the bit combined with the burls improves the direction and separation of the water, helps in the take-off phase and reduces the declaration during touching.

Main features


Narrow width, taut rocker for maximum glide.


Flat for easy, fast start


Thin pintail rear, with heavily beveled rails for maximum pumping efficiency with reduced drag.


Possibility to put staps at the front.

Plank Deck

Flat for easy positioning anywhere and easy support adjustment

This makes it easy to advocate


Full carbon board with 3 layers of carbon on the rails. Carbon sandwich under the pads.


Rounded, forgiving rails at the front for neutral riding

Light wind
Racing / Speed

Shape & Construction

To guarantee the longevity of our products over time, we have chosen a high-quality construction.

  • Carbon sandwich with PVC and Carbon under the pads : Underneath the pads there is a carbon sandwich with 3 mm of PVC. Wrapped in 3 layers of carbon on the rails for maximum rigidity.
  • The deck and hull are covered with 2 layers of 160g of 160g carbon with carbon reinforcement at the US rails.
  • 3 layers of carbons on the rails.
  • Reinforced Strap Inserts : All strap inserts are securely bonded into PVC blocks for unmatched rigidity and strength.
  • Reinforced US Rails : The US rails are bonded into PVC blocks that extend all the way to the deck, eliminating polystyrene under the housings for increased strength when jumping.
  • Flat hull with a constant curve and a double concave in front for a quick and efficient take-off.
  • Maximizing the volume in the center of the board for the most useful volume.
  • The 30 strap inserts allow a complete customization of their position according to the practice (the position of the straps is different in kitefoil and wakefoil or in surf foil).
  • Cover Included : All our boards come with a high-end cover with 10mm thick foam (top, bottom and blanks) to protect your precious equipment.