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Foil Adapter Platinum/ Probox


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Platinum foil adapter

We have developed a platinum foil adapter that allows you to mount your foil with a probox tail on any board on the market. In particular, it will fit perfectly with our Pocket board

Constructed of anodized aluminum, it has been CNC cut to exact dimensions. The spacing of the screws is common to all boards. The opening on the ends of the holes allows for a quicker and easier assembly of your foil without having to completely disassemble your screws. Loosen your screws slightly and slide the Platinum Foil Adapter out of its screws to quickly detach it from your board.

Finally, we profiled the platinum foil adapter to minimize drag and maximize stiffness.

This platinum foil adapter is perfectly suited for S-foil and K-foil



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Foil adapter plate

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