Inflatable Stand up paddle pack Easy 11’6


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Inflatable Stand up paddle pack Easy 11’6

If you want the same stability as an Inflatable Stand up paddle pack Easy 10’6 but with improved glide, this is the Inflatable Stand up paddle pack Easy 11’6 for you. The pointed nose improves the board’s glide, while its 31’’/ 80 cm width and wide tail at the back provide maximum stability.

The Inflatable Stand up paddle pack Easy range is lightweight and quick to inflate. Easy to use, it’s exactly what you’re looking for as you learn to SUP board. This Inflatable Stand up paddle is easy to set up, for anyone wanting to take up SUP boarding. The pack’s central fin is a big plus, providing great lateral stability, and it’s easy to store too.

The paddle is in orange anodised aluminium, and can be dismantled. The orange colour is a safety feature, as this paddle will be easy to spot and to recover on the water in all situations. The leash keeps the board attached to your foot if you fall in the water, so getting back on board is less effort.

This superb, comprehensive pack provides you with an introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding backed by all the reliability of Sroka products.

Every Sroka product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno Sroka (three-time kitesurfing world champion and adventurer). He prides himself on every product being high-end, easy to use, highly durable, and of uncompromising quality and practicality.

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