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K-Foil aluminium kite foil pack + Two sets of fins + 160 x 52 board


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Pack Kite Foil and kite board

The ideal and hyper accessible kite foil pack with the aluminum K-Foil and the hybrid kite/surf foil board 160×52 by SROKA Company. Our aluminium K-foil is scalable over time, all parts are modifiable and interchangeable. And in 2021, for the launch of our new K950 fin set and its stabilizer, we are offering a pack with two sets of fins, a board and the complete aluminum K Foil . You can change the size of the fin to suit your program, for maximum versatility. No more frustration, our two sets of fins will cover all needs in all situations. It is one of the strongest kite foils on the market, the K-Foil has also been recognized by The Kite Mag magazine as THE freeride foil of the year 2019! Finally, if you want to learn to surf in foil, this board is the perfect compromise when you change your foil to go surfing by paddling.



Front fin surface

650 cm2




Beginner to advanced


70 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm



Foil cover


Aluminum Kite Foil


The K-foil was developed by Bruno SROKA, three-time World Kitesurfing Champion. Bruno is always committed to developing a very high quality product at an affordable price. This foil has become a reference on the Freeride Kite Foil market due to its construction quality, rigidity and ease of use.

The Kite Foil allows you to sail in really low wind conditions and to push your limits in strong winds. It can reach up to 4 times the wind speed.

More information about the k-Foil Freeride Aluminium.

K-Foil Kite Foil + Foil Board Pack 160 x 52

Kite foil K-foil Alu

The K-Foil aluminium + Hybrid board 160×52 kitefoil pack is the ideal compromise to have fun free riding at a low price. We’ve kept the qualities of ease and versatility that users love about the carbon K-Foil while using the best possible aluminium for a durable construction and fully satisfying performance.

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The extended mast of a pro box adapter fits under the board. The whole thing is perfectly rigid and fixed. The stiffer the whole foil, the better its performance.

The board is very accessible due to its volume and a hull that is particularly worked for foiling. The inverted rails make it easy to wind up so you don’t get stopped every time you hit the chop.

Equipped with straps with several possible positions, you can adjust the balance of the foil by changing the position of the straps further forward or further back.

While keeping the performance and versatility of the carbon version, the SROKA K-Foil aluminium kitefoil pack keeps the same ease. We have developed the perfect freeride foil at the best value for money on the market.

It’s the perfect kite foil pack for beginners and evolvers.

Finally, if you want to evolve, there are many options: higher mast sizes, lower or larger fin sizes, and board change.

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Surface de l'ailette avant






Housse de foil

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