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The Kitefoil pack with its Sroka carbon foil has been completely redeveloped this year.  We’ve kept the versatility and ease of use that made the previous version so popular, and made a number of improvements.This foil’s mast and wings are 100% full carbon, giving a significant increase in rigidity. The fuselage is still monobloc aluminium for optimal rigidity.Why choose Sroka products, click here

The mast comes equipped with a Pro Box, and slots in under the board.  Once assembled, the foil is extremely rigid,  since greater rigidity means improved performance.With its volume, and a hull especially designed for foiling, this board remains very accessible. Its inverted rails improve upwind performance by reducing the braking effect of choppy water,while multi-position straps enable you to adjust the foil’s balance by moving the straps further forwards or back.

Sroka’s Kitefoil pack retains the versatility and ease of use of the previous version. We’ve developed a foil of superb quality, at the best value for money on the market. Other similarly priced foils on the market are in aluminium, and therefore far less rigid and durable.This is the perfect foil pack for learning and progressing in foiling.And when you’re ready to progress, you’ll find a number of options available: a range of mast and wing sizes, and different boards.

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