Kitefoil and surf foiling board

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Kitefoil and surf foiling board

If you’re looking for a board for foiling with both kitesurfing and surfing, the Kitefoil and surf foiling board is the board for you. It gathers two disciplines in one single board. This board has been tested for surf foiling too, and we were amazed at the results. If you want to switch to surf foil, just take off the straps and put the S-foil. This board’s volume and small size are ideal for surf foiling every day and in all conditions, and perfect for kite foiling when the wind picks up.

This true all-terrain board is perfect for beginner to expert.

Designed and made in France.

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Sroka’s hydrofoil board is one of the best kitefoil boards for hydrofoiling in very light winds. It’s the perfect hydrofoil board for beginners and advanced riders alike.

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  1. Matthieu Milliot

    This is the ultra polyvalent board ! It is super confortable in kitefoil allowing to be on the water very early in the wind range, and pushing it hard in the high end … At the same time it si perfect withe the S-foil to sur small waves. The full pads gives a huge confort allover the board …

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