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LW 5’7 – 6’6 Elite Range

The LW range will give you wings! Wingfoil & Prone


Pre-order delivery date expected around June 10, 2024

You won't have any more excuses to fly earlier than everyone else!

Glide effortlessly! Tired of watching others sail? Change the way you sail by using the LW range. You dream of leaving twice as early as everyone else and, for once, the choice is very simple with only 3 sizes of boards.

Longer board that will make it easier to take off in light to steady wind conditions. It works perfectly on flat water or in swells.

Built in full carbon with a sandwich part to gain stiffness and strength where you really need it.

The width of the board plays a fundamental role in optimizing the performance of a foil in light conditions. A stiff carbon board will bring responsiveness, responsiveness and maneuverability. That’s why we’ve developed the Elite range that meets all your most extreme requirements.

Reduction of the widths of the LW to start very early.

In order for a board to leave early, you need to reduce its area of friction with the water. The width of the board is the main factor. So go up to twice as early with the LW SROKA range. 3 sizes, 3 board widths, 20 – 21 – 22 inches wide. It takes a bit of practice to master it, but it’s a new way to glide with your foil. Optimize your light wind or carving sessions in the waves even more. It’s a call for absolute freedom by using a small foil underfoot!

Length to glide fast and hard.

We have lengthened the length of the board to start early, slide hard and thus generate more lift on your foil. A short board requires a lot of power at the foil level to go. This involves having large front fins. A thin and long board allows you to gain a lot of speed quickly and thus use a much smaller foil. It can be used in light wind or in waves to carve on the swell with small foils. 3 sizes of boards are enough to meet all riders: 5’7 – 6’2 and 6’6 for the heaviest. It can also be used as a downwind board for small riders.
comment naviguer en light wind en wing foil

Flat hull with a slight V on the front for easy departures in light wind

The flat hull of the board with a slight V at the front makes it easy to start and touch and allows for quick acceleration with little effort. This hull maximizes acceleration for a low-effort take-off. Biting rails on the rear make it easy to get started.

Combined with a generous and refocused volume, you will have one of the earliest boards on the market (comparison with the same size and volume).

Cuts Out for reduced drag.

The cut-outs are located all over the back of the board to reduce drag at the start or when touching and thus avoid braking when the back of the board touches the water while pumping, for example. Cut-outs also contribute to exceptional acceleration and an ultra-fast start.

Main features


Narrow width, taut rocker for maximum glide

Rear Rail

Biting rail with a pronounced cut out for maximum pumping and starting efficiency.


30 footstrap positions to optimize performance.

Plank Deck

Flat for easy positioning anywhere and easy adjustment of supports

This makes it easy to advocate


Full carbon board with 2 x 160G hull deck covering the rails + 1 extra layers on the rails. Carbon sandwich under the pads.

Light wind
Racing / Speed