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Your ultimate asset to dominate the spot.

Accelerate without resistance.

Mât Carbone Elite 14 mm | 85 cm + fuselage

Elite Profile

You accelerate easily and without resistance on a perfectly silent foil.

All parts of the mast have been studied, worked on, improved using specialized fluid mechanics software to facilitate the flow of water and reduce brakes.

This mast is the result of advanced technology which gives you incomparable gliding. It ensures easy speed gain and easy takeoff thanks to minimal drag.

Thickness: 14mm

Chord : 10.9cm

Advanced materials

The foil reacts exactly as you expect, for intuitive and controlled navigation.

A high-performance mast is characterized by low drag (reduction in thickness and chord) and exceptional resistance to bending and torsion.

The Elite mast is 140 layers of M40J High Modulus carbon fiber, positioned at 0° and 45° to optimize the torsion and flexion of the mast.

You have a durable foil that will be one of the best performers for years.

Your advantages :

  • Exceptional sliding sensation: Ultra thin profile, 14 mm thick
  • Very low resistance in water: Ultra short 10.9 cm rope
  • No need to rinse or disassemble after each session: Minimal maintenance
  • Instant responsiveness, intuitive foil: 100% M40J HM Carbon
  • Benefit from all SROKA fins and stabilizers: 100% compatible and optimized for HA, Control and Classic fins
  • Limited quantity: 30 copies for the first production
  • Elite Carbon or Aluminum fuselage: Two fuselage options
  • Easy to repair: all defects are easily repairable
  • 30-day satisfied or refunded guarantee
  • Mast weight (2.2kg) + carbon fuselage (0.7kg): 2.9kg
  • Mast weight (2.2kg) + aluminum fuselage (1.2): 3.4 kg

Video presentation

⏳ Only 30 units for the first production.

Mât Carbone Elite 14 mm | 85 cm + fuselage


Here is what you will receive by ordering a mast + fuselage set:

  1. The Elite carbon mast
  2. The Elite carbon or Aluminum fuselage
  3. The mast protection cover
  4. The complete hardware (DLC Diamond Like Carbon)

Next arrival January 14

Remaining stock... 21%

Limited quantity.


kitesurfing champion bruno sroka

“Hello, my name is Bruno SROKA, I am a triple kitesurfing world champion, developer of boards and foils for 16 years and founder of SROKA Company: results smashing, concrete partnerships, and an absolutely delighted clientele.

Today I’m going to explain how we designed an exceptional high-end mast and fuselage assembly to allow you to exceed all the limits you can imagine.

But you know what ? Wwe are not alone in this adventure.

We have with us our engineer JB Marchand: a true virtuoso of hydrodynamics and doctoral student in his field, designer of one of the foils the most fast in the world.

And that’s not all ! We are also fortunate to work with a state-of-the-art factory, which uses the best materials and the latest technologies to manufacture our foils.

Thanks to these two collaborations, we have succeeded in creating a unique foil, which combines strength, performance and design.

A reliable and durable over time foil!”

Don't take our word for it.

Listen instead to what customers, testers and ambassadors who tested the ELITE foil in preview say:

The biggest dilemma in designing a carbon mast.

In a constantly changing world, you are constantly looking to push your limits on the water. But now, you need a foil that meets your expectations…

To have a very fast mast that glides, you need a very thin mast with very little rope.
To have a rigid mast you need a thick mast, with a lot of rope, and a lot of carbon.
To have a light mast you need very little amount of carbon.

Do you see the problem?

A mast cannot simultaneously be thin, rigid, efficient AND light.

The compromises between lightness, rigidity and performance leave a lot to be desired…

And in this area, everything counts: the slightest flexion makes you lose precision, transforming your experience into an unpleasant and unstable dance at high speed.

When reducing the amount of carbon to make the mast lighter, this results in a reduction in its rigidity by increasing the proportion of foam inside the mast.

However, to have a foil of unrivaled comfort at high speed or with large front fins, the rigidity of the mast becomes essential.

The solution...?


140 layers of High Modulus M40J carbon fiber, positioned at 0° and 45° to optimize torsion and flexion of the mast.

The Elite SROKA foil is much more than a simple answer to these frustrations.

It is designed to give you uncompromising glide, unwavering rigidity and performance worthy of your ambitions.

We have put an end to the dilemma between thinness, rigidity and performance.


  1. A 100% HM carbon construction (High Modulus) without foam
  2. A neat draping plane
  3. An effective profile
  4. A chord that varies from 15.8 mm at its upper end to 14 mm at its lower end,

We have created a foil that combines finesse and strength to offer you a superior gliding experience than anything you have known so far.