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New: 60% Carbon Paddle – Removable 2 or 3 parts – Alpha 2023


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Are you looking for a high-quality stand up paddle to enhance your experience on the water? We have the perfect solution for you! Our new 60% carbon paddle is the perfect choice for experienced paddlers looking for a high-performance and comfortable paddle.

  • Paddle faster and easier by optimizing blade hollow and decreasing blade area
  • Paddle longer without excessive fatigue thanks to the thinner handle (better grip)
  • Suitable for all sizes (adjustable from 1.75m to 2.15m in length)
  • Thinner shaft for less drag in the water and more comfort
  • Lightweight: weight = 630g for the 2-part and 660g for the 3-part
  • Durable over time: built with very high quality reinforced carbon fibers
  • Quick and easy to disassemble with an anti-twist handle system


A pale new for more efficiency!

We have worked particularly this new blade to improve the efficiency of the train. The surface area of the blade has been reduced to optimize the entry of the paddle into the water and reduce the braking surface. The blade is much more hollowed out to gain rowing efficiency and generate more power with a smaller blade.

This blade shape optimizes propulsion through the water, making paddling easier and faster.

Experience a new way of propelling yourself: smoother and more efficient with less effort.

comment tenir sa pagaie en stand-up paddle
différences entre paddle rigide et paddle gonflable

Thinner shaft: Row longer with less effort

It has a thinner handle (26mm) compared to the old model (31mm), which allows for a better grip and offers a superior feeling of comfort to a thicker handle. This shaft is more ergonomic to hold, allowing you to paddle longer with less fatigue.

A thinner shaft also reduces water resistance, allowing for better shaft penetration into the water while reducing drag.

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We chose a 60% carbon assembly that offers just enough flexibility for optimal propulsion, unlike 100% carbon paddles that can be too stiff and cause shoulder pain.

It’s lightweight and just as stiff as the old version, allowing for optimal transmission of energy from your arm to the paddle blade and better control of your movements. Its lightness allows you to row longer without getting tired unnecessarily.

You have two options: The 2-part variable option or the 3-part (removable) option. The 3-part option allows you to store the paddle in the paddle bag and thus make it easier to move around.

Locking system that prevents the handle from twisting.

Our paddle is equipped with a new locking system that allows the paddle to be locked once you have found the optimal position to paddle. This locking system is known for its strength and reliability. The handle will not rotate in the handle. It is designed to prevent the paddle from turning under the pressure exerted during paddling, ensuring optimal power transmission and consistent paddle performance.

With this new locking system, you can be sure that your paddle will remain strong and stable, even in difficult sailing conditions.

The 3-part paddle measures 91.7cm disassembled

The minimum length of the 2-piece version is 167cm when disassembled

Handle diameter: 26mm

Maximum blade width: 18.4 cm

The difference is insignificant, both versions can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds.

Yes. Both models are adjustable and everyone will find the right setting for their size.

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