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Pack Wing Foil complet Sky Rider – S-foil 1750 – Wing 5m


Complete Wing Foil Pack Sky Rider 5’5, 5’8 or 6’3 –S-Foil 1750 – Wing Sroka 5m

Sroka Company offers a packWing Foil combining high performance, quality Made in France and accessibility. Our Sky Rider board model is our pride with its 100% local construction. It showcases both our local industry and our unique skills, as well as offering a unique flying experience.

Each model has been carefully designed to perfectly fit your needs. For windfoil and SUP foil lovers, or those looking for a smooth and stable wing board to start with, the versatile Sky Rider 6’3 is the perfect choice. The Sky Rider 5’8 is the perfect compromise to start progressing in Wing for sizes from 70 to 85Kg. It is also the perfect weapon to perform in SUP foil. For those who want to take it to the next level, or lightweights who want a very upgradeable board, the 5’5 and its fooststrap inserts prove to be a pumping and surfing machine (no inserts on the 5’8 and the 6’3).

Our S-Foil with its 1750 Classic front wing completes the package with the Wing Sroka model 2021 in 5m. By buying in a pack rather than individually, you get a 13% discount on the price of each of the elements compared to a purchase in parts.

If you have any questions, a more comprehensive article on the subject has been written to help you choose the right wing package.


Included in the pack

  • A foil board designed and manufactured in France by Sky Rider (fiberglass, full sandwich hull)
  • The Wing Sroka 2021 size 5m, its bag made of recycled materials and its repair kit
  • An S-Foil with its Classic 1750 front wing, its transport case and all its screws
  • A protection for your board box to stick on the plate of your foil
  • Wing leash and board leash
  • The board cover and wing pump are not included due to a supplier problem. We are working hard to include them in the pack next year!
  • By buying in a pack instead of individually, you get a 13% discount on the price of each item compared to buying in parts.