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Pack Wingfoil performance 4’6 Fast Flyer


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Fast Flyer Performance Wingfoil Pack 4’6 + S-Foil + Wing Sroka 2022 (Sroka Wing V3) 5m

You are an experienced Wing rider, and you want to put all the sensations that the sport can bring within your reach. You want to jump, perform, draw uncompromising curves in your surfs and send your best freestyle tricks on the flat. The 4’6 Fast Flyer Performance Wingfoil Pack is made for you.

Careful; This pack requires you to master the use of the waterstart in wing foil.

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Technical characteristics of Sroka kites and foil boards

The high-performance Wingfoil pack

This set is ready to sail, and is waiting for you to express its full potential. It includes a 4’6 Fast Flyer

foil board, a 2022 Wing Sroka as well as an S-Foil

. Small and light, extremely manoeuvrable, the Fast Flyer 4’6 and its 40L of volume will make you forget under your feet and will allow you to feel the entirety of your flying sensations. You will be able to send tight maneuvers as close as possible to the water thanks to its uncompromising shape. Our 4’6 Fast Flyer is guaranteed to be 100% French and Breton. Designed by the Finistère shaper J.B. Marchand and made in Morbihan, everything is done to guarantee you the excellence of our local know-how. We build these boards in full sandwich, with almost 10 years of local production.

By ensuring high-flying performance thanks to its rigidity, the excellence of its construction and a great R&D work on the wing profiles, the S-Foil 2021 will perfectly complement this wingfoil pack. Here we offer you its Classic 1750 version as standard, compatible with Surf Foil and Wing Foil. Finally, the 2022 Wing Sroka V3 has been completely redesigned, and the 5m2 version that equips the pack will allow you to take to the skies very early while maintaining stability, comfort and control.

The Fast Flyer foil board Made in France

The shape of the Fast Flyer has been designed to allow you to start very early, whether in Wing foil or Surf foil. Its double concave and sharp rails give this foil board the ability to start again immediately after your touches. This shape will also optimize your take off and pumping. To make your placement comfortable, your hold better and naturally bring you to the best positioning, the bridge is slightly hollowed out. The board also features Inserts for footstraps. They will allow you to practice a more aerial surf, to fully express yourself in Wing Foil, or even to practice Kite foil ! To find out more about our 4’6 foil board, check out the full product sheet. We have been producing our full sandwich boards in Brittany for almost 10 years.

fast flyer 4'6 v2

The Wing SROKA V4

The Wing Sroka V4 combines power, comfort, stability and lightness. Its ultra-taut spinnaker gets you off the ground immediately. Once in flight, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity offer an impressive Vmax with a pleasurable control. At the perfect point of balance Between surfing, speed and freestyle, it combines carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics to achieve the ultimate weapon in all conditions. No need to accumulate kites in the garage, the Sroka V4 is super versatile and performs in 90% of sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride and lightwind.

The SROKA S-Foil

It was the changing conditions of the Breton coast that inspired us to create the S-Foil. As versatile as our water features, it is fully modular to allow you to adapt to any conceivable condition. It benefits from a high-quality construction, with T6061 T6 aluminum and pre-preg carbon, to evolve with you and last over time. Its fins, whether High Aspect or Classic, have been designed so that your sailing pleasure is matched only by the overall performance of your foil.

Here is all the detailed information about this new S-Foil.

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

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