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Pack Wingfoil Sky Rider + S-Foil Classic + Wing V3


Up to 318€ discount for the purchase in pack

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“The ideal pack to progress endlessly without having to change your equipment every 3 months “

This pack is composed of a new generation Sky Rider rigid board, a Classic S-foil and a Wing V3 at an excellent price/performance ratio.

The new generation Sky Rider has become even more powerful, more maneuverable and compact. We maintain an ultra-polyvalent shape (tomo type) that will allow you to progress without being limited by the size of the board. These new shapes are shorter and more compact for the same volume, which gives them more maneuverability and control without compromising ease of use. To ensure that our boards are durable and long-lasting, we use a PVC sandwich construction with carbon fiber reinforcements.

The Wing V3 will offer you maximum power, stability and versatility. You won’t need to stack the wings in your quiver anymore, with two sizes you cover 90% of your wind conditions.


Included in the pack

  • A new generation Sky Rider foil board (fiberglass, full sandwich deck & hull)
  • The Wing Sroka 2022 V3 5m², its transport bag and its repair kit
  • An SFoil with its Classic 1750 front wing, its transport case and all its screws
  • A protection for your board box to stick on the plate of your foil
  • Wing leash and board leash
  • By buying in a pack instead of individually, you save up to 318€.

The new generation of Sky Rider boards.

"Progress without limits with a durable board optimized to the max for all conditions"

This generation of Sky Rider has been developed on the same basis that made the success of Sky Rider made in France, that is to say ultra versatile boards to exploit all types of conditions. You’ll cover 95% of your sessions with one board. Whether you’re looking to ride waves or lakes, these boards are the perfect solution. No matter what your level, you’ll find the right board to progress without having to change boards after 6 months. You’ll never feel restricted.

More compact with US rails more centered towards the center of the board, you will feel like you have a smaller board with the same volume of board. The board will be more maneuverable and turn more radically in the curves. You will have the feeling of flying longer without effort (thanks to the decrease of volume in front of the feet).

For more technical information, visit the page dedicated to these boards.

New V3 wing SROKA high jump
choose a beginner wingfoil board
Foil board size 5'2
Planche de foil rigide avec insert de straps pour wingfoil

The Classical S-Foil

"The 1750 Classic, the perfect beginner's wing that becomes a formidable weapon in light winds once you progress"

There is no need to praise the stiffness of the SROKA foil. We have one of the stiffest foils on the market. With only 8kn, you can take off, and reach more than 19 knots with more wind. This foil allows beginners and intermediates to start in all conditions and remains fast and manageable. Whether in a beginner’s or intermediate rider’s quiver, this front wing is a must-have. Its mid-aspect ratio guarantees a perfect longitudinal stability, while keeping a huge speed potential. Our S-Foil Classic combines high performance with unlimited customization and upgrade options. The package includes the S-Foil with its classic 1750 front wing, but you have the option of choosing between the 1250, 1500 and 1750. The 1250 front wing will be much faster and will allow you to reach up to 25 knots. The 1500 will give you versatility in terms of flying in relatively light winds and control at higher speeds. It can be ideal for smaller pilots who are looking for an all-around wing.

The S-foil is 100% modular; as you progress, you can choose from our different sizes of masts, fuselages, front wings and stabilizers to adapt your foil to all your needs.

More info on the 1750 Classic here.

Click here to see SUP Passion’s test of the 1750 Classic S-Foil

(visual available in augmented reality on your phone: click on the icon at the bottom right to project the foil in your environment!)

The Wing SROKA 5m

"The Wing Sroka V3 is the perfect combination of power, comfort, stability and lightness"

The Wing V3 will give you the power and control you need to reach your full potential in all conditions. Its ultra taut spinnaker will allow you to take off immediately with 3 or 4 pumping strokes. Once in the air, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity will offer you an impressive maximum speed with a great control. It strikes the perfect balance between surfing, speed and freestyle, thanks to carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics for the ultimate weapon in all conditions. You won’t need to stockpile kites in the garage anymore, because the Sroka V3 is very versatile and performs in 100% of the sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride.

Hadrien Brunner and Stéphane from SUP Passion have tested our products:

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