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inflatable foil board Sroka Air 5’3 – 6′ 2021


Inflatable Foil Board Sroka Air 5’3 – 6′

The Wing Foil is a dream come true because of the freedom it provides. Thanks to Sroka inflatable boards, transport worries are a distant memory and all spots become accessible. Based on our long experience with high quality SUP boards and foils, we have naturally developed the Sroka Air. Whether it is the quality of the inflatable structure, the carbon plate or our design choices, everything is done to offer you a high-performance product.

Stable and accessible, the 6’4 will make even the largest of riders take off on all types of water, even in very light winds. Over 85Kg or light wind. Beginner to intermediate.

If you want to start easily and progress quickly, the Air 6′ is ideal for you. From 70 to 85Kg, beginner to advanced.

You want to have only one board to take everywhere for all spots and all conditions? Then the Air 5’3 is for you. Compact and powerful, it allows you to surpass yourself without the need for a waterstart. Beginners under 70Kg, or intermediate to expert level.

All boards have staple inserts for a V setup (front only).

Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka


In this product you will find :

  • The inflatable board Sroka Air
  • A transport bag with wheels, various storage compartments and straps (dimensions 92 x 72 x 30 cm). It can hold up to two inflatable boards, or one board, one wing and one foil
  • We supply the appropriate 20mm screws for fixing the foil to the rails
  • A double action manual pump

The inflatable wing board Sroka Air

Your freedom comes in a backpack

Take your quiver essentials with you in a bag that’s perfect for travel, to your homespot or to the other side of the world. Whether you’re flying solo or with your family, your sessions are easy to enjoy.

Our goal is to make you enjoy the pure sensation of flying. The Sroka Air boards are stiffened under your feet by a carbon plate, and your sensations are close to those of hard boards. To avoid delamination from heat or impact, it is covered with PVC. We select only the best PVC, Dropstitch and carbon materials for your board: inflatable does not mean low quality. This construction guarantees you an excellent life span. It also determines your performance, the stiffness of the board and your feeling.

Planche SROKA AIR Wing Foil aile wing

Which foil board is right for you?

The Sroka Air 6’4 is the promise of fast take off and stability for the larger rider. Its shape is easy to access (6’4×29 “x6 ” – 8kg). Its 155L volume allows you to focus only on your sensations and the pleasure of flying. Its rocker allows you to recover easily if the board touches the water. With the family, it will become a perfectly safe SUP for the children!

If you’re looking for a board that’s progressive but not punishing, the Sroka Air 6′ is the board for you. Its 144L volume is harmoniously distributed over an intermediate size shape (6’x28 “x6 ” – 7,8kg). It will also be perfectly suited for larger riders who are not beginners and want a board that fits.

The 5’3 is the perfect all-rounder for foil addicts who want to fly on all kinds of spots. It is possible to punt, take off in the light, surf and everything else you dream of with this model whose super efficient shape (5’3×29 “x6 – 7Kg – 115L) remains accessible to the lightest beginners (70Kg and less).

Buying guide

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort, and durable over time.

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