Plate S-foil & K-foil


Plate S-foil & K-foil

This plate is adapted to all S-Foil and K-Foil of last generation SROKA. It is made of T6061T6 aluminum which guarantees a very good resistance in the aquatic environment. Black anodized, it will allow you to fix all SROKA foils (S-Foil andK-foil Alu) on a Pocket or any board with two US rails.

Its U-shaped fastening system allows you to quickly attach the foil to the board without having to remove the 4 screws. Loosen the screws and slide the plate. The mast is fixed to the plate by 3 M6 screws which pass through the plate and go into the mast. The plate is fixed to the board by 4 screws with studs. Attention, the screws are sold separately. You can find packs of screws on our website:

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