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“The best board for pumping miles”

The pocket is designed for dockstarting and beachstart, wakefoiltowed surffoil or kitefoil. Its small size, stiffness and lightness make it an exceptionally precise board for pumping and carving. You will be able to ride long distances in pumping in the best conditions.

The ultra-rigid construction makes the board feel like one with the foil and gives it an extraordinary responsiveness. The whole thing reacts exactly as you would expect, and it’s fun!

It is built with a PVC fiberglass sandwich on the deck and hull to obtain the best strength to weight ratio. An ultra dense Airex block runs through the board at the US rails to support high pressures. A kick tail is present on the back of the pad to optimize your control over the board. A multitude of inserts (55 in total) allow infinite adjustment of the straps according to your level, your discipline and your size. Its rocker allows it to react to touches in the best possible way. This makes it a perfect board to practice different sports with the same board.

It is the ideal board if you are looking for a compactlight and solid board for pumping, wake foil, towed surf or kite-foil.


Pumping / Dockstart

Easy to handle, it is the perfect board for the pontoon start bringing a maximum of rigidity


It takes up very little space on the boat and is very easy to handle, making it ideal for wakefoiling. It passes perfectly in the rack.


Light, thin and agile, it is easy to forget in flight. Its pronounced rocker at the front makes it easy to touch down.

Towed surf-foil

Easy to sink for the start, light and manoeuvrable, it lends itself perfectly to towed surf-foil.

Shape and construction

  • Full PVC fiberglass sandwich construction, the strongest construction on the market.
  • Long US rails for maximum adjustability to your foil and preferences.
  • Taut outline for maximum glide.
  • Pronounced rocker perfectly designed to give the best compromise between high speed aerodynamics and touchdown response.
  • The 55 strap inserts allow you to adapt the position of the straps according to your riding style (the position of the straps is different in kitefoil than in wakefoil or surffoil)
  • Flat hull with a constant curve for an optimal take off in kitefoil
  • Leash insert


Dimensions :

4′ 0x 18.5″ x 1.5″ = 122cm x 47cm x 2,54cm 

Weight : 2,7 KG

Volume : 16L

SROKA Team Rider

A very light board, ideal for wake-foil, dock or beach start. With straps, the pocket becomes a real skateboard and allows for much more technical manoeuvres, harder turns and easier rotations. If you want to beat your pumping record or learn new tricks, I think this is the perfect board!


Founder of SROKA Company

It’s my favourite board for wake-foil and pumping, I can carve the way I want to and the foil responds instantly, which gives a great feeling of confidence and control over the foil. You do exactly what you want. In kite-foil, it’s also a treat, you can sail quietly or go hard to reach the limits of the foil below.

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