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Rake Wedge | 0,5° – 1° – 1,5°


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You bought a different board than a SROKA and the positioning of the two US rails is not the same as on our boards. This can result in a feeling of a board that sails the nose down, or up. To remedy this, you can wedge your foil at the level of the plate with a rake wedge.

SROKA rake wedges are the ideal solution to optimize your foil and enjoy your session to the fullest. These accessories allow you to change the angle of incidence of the foil on the mounting plate, giving you full control over your sailing, especially when a foil is stinging. SROKA rake shims are compatible with all US rails on the market and come in three thicknesses: 0.5°, 1° and 1.5°. They are easy to install and change according to your wishes.

If you use a different brand of board, you may feel like a board that is plunging or rising. If the board stings too much, you can put the negative angle angle (thick side at the front) and conversely if the board lifts it too much (nose up), you can put a positive angle (thick side of the cleat at the back of your frame).

The shims are reversible: 0.5 degrees can become -0.5. The cleats can be combined.

To solve your problems of foil pushing too much on the front or rear foot, find here our stabilizer adjustment wedges.

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