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S-Foil High Aspect 1190 front fender


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Choose Your High Aspect Wing

To enrich our range of foil front wings, we are adding the High Aspect range to the
classic S Foil
. Where the mid-aspect ratio of the Classic offers carving and versatility, here we have designed front fins with uncompromising glide and pumping. Each High Aspect has a unique profile, which we designed by collecting feedback from our customers to build the ultimate gliding weapon:

  • The
    HA 1190 S (speed)
    is perfect for
    wing foiling
    . It will also be excellent for those who want to surf powerful swell trains, but also in other foil disciplines such as Wind Foil and Kite Foil. It provides sensations of speed, glide and absolute control that will change your vision of the foil. It also delivers a superb pumping. This profile is faster, but less buoyant than the Lift. Thanks to its size and profile, your experience will never be punishing, and you will remain in control no matter the situation.

  • The HA 1190 L (Lift)
    is here to satisfy your surfing desires. It will fully reveal itself in
    Surf Foil
    , SUP foil, and
    Wake Foil.
    This wing benefits from a profile with almost 20% more lift compared to the Speed. It generates a pumping and glide of disconcerting ease and smoothness, with high-flying performance. Effortlessly, you will be able to reconnect the waves and swell trains endlessly.

Discover a new world of sensations with our HA 1190 S and HA 1190 L, and how to choose the right high-aspect profile below. Our S Foils are supplied in their protective and carrying case .

Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka


The 1190 HA are the perfect wings if you want to perform in all conditions. The Speed will go slightly faster and the Lift will be a little more efficient at low revs.


Their exceptional glide will open the doors to downwinding. You’ll feel strong acceleration while maintaining absolute control.


The Lift will help you reconnect small waves (<80cm) while the Speed will be more suitable for medium and big waves.

Kitefoil & Windfoil

You will be able to exploit the potential of the Speed in kitefoil and windfoil. You will reach impressive speeds in the utmost comfort.

The sensations : the 1190 HA wings are the logical continuation of your progress. Once you’re comfortable with wing foil, switching to these high-aspect wings is a real treat. You will discover new flying sensations : With the Speed, you will go much faster, you will feel totally unbridled, the accelerations in the waves will be magical and you will fly much longer once the sail is released. The Speed is made for more intense conditions, while the Lift will offer its full potential in lighter conditions, thanks to its better lift at low speeds. 

Why are High Aspect for you, rather than a Mid Aspect?

High Aspect foils are not like traditional kites, either in shape or in the feeling of flight. The Aspect Ratio is increased here with less string and more span. In addition, these wings have a thinner profile (which is different from the ratio aspect: you can have a very slow high aspect wing because of a bad profile).

These technical features reduce drag and increase your efficiency and speed. All these elements will change your habits and your sensations. Let’s take our HA 1190 L for example. It has a slightly higher lift than the 1500, and is close to the 1750, while being faster than the latter, but also more technical. This makes our High Aspect kites perfect for those who want efficient pumping and great gliding sensations.

Our Classic Mid Aspect kites are all about versatility and manoeuvrability: the 1500 and 1250 are carving monsters, for example.

With our high-ratio wings, your pumping has never made you fly so far with so little effort. You will become addicted to gliding and the sensations of speed provided! If you are interested in how a foil works, don’t hesitate to check out our article on the subject to learn more about it. Detailed values for these and all other front fenders can be found here.

For those who want the handling of the mid aspect and the benefits of the high aspect, we offer shorter fuselages that give you back maneuverability!

Ailette avant foil High Aspect
explications différence entre un foil Mid Aspect, Low Aspect et High Aspect

Which High Aspect foil front kite is right for you?

Picking a High Aspect fin at random isn’t enough to make you effective on the water. The parameters are almost endless: our database has thousands of them, for every detail you can imagine (profile, surfaces, dihedrals…). Our hydrodynamic engineer has chosen the best combinations for you based on your needs and your practice so that everyone finds what they are looking for, rather than forcing the practitioners to adapt to the equipment. Your specifications are ours. 

Ailes avant de foil pour le surf et la wing high aspect
Guide pour choisir son aile avant de foil high aspect ou mid aspect

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