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The weapon of the little wind with infinite glide.

S-Foil High Aspect 1350 Lift Front Wing


S-Foil High Aspect 1350 Lift Front Wing


Limited Quantities

S-Foil HA 1350 Lift

The High Aspect 1350 Lift foil front wing will make you glide endlessly downwind and reconnect small swell trains with disconcerting ease in surf foil, wake foil or wingfoil in all conditions. This wing will make you rediscover your usual spots. Choppy bodies of water that were previously unusable will be your new playground.

Very easy to take off, the HA 1350 L no longer descends once in flight. A simple pumping stroke, an inconsistent swell train or a little breeze is enough to prolong the pleasure of gliding indefinitely. Everything has been done to offer you a magical, infinite glide, with a minimum of effort.

The HA 1350 Lift is also ideal for navigating lakes, where it passes sluggishness super well while flying for a long time. You will be able to take advantage of the slightest breeze and the slightest ripple to fly away and glide effortlessly.

The HA 1350 front wing is compatible with all S-Foil fuselages and stabilizers. It is supplied with its screws and its custom-made protective cover.

This kite is available with the complete S-Foil for 1049€

1350 HA Program


It’s your ultimate weapon to play in the swell trains indefinitely in Wing or SUP. The smallest of the waves will allow you to move forward effortlessly.


This kite is made for those who want an excellent glide and who want to surf small swell trains. It will transform choppy bodies of water into an endless playground.


It will make your pumping ultra efficient even if you don’t have a very high technical level. SIts wingspan of 1m10 and its ultra-high aspect ratio make it ultra efficient.


It will allow you to reconnect the waves very easily and effortlessly. It has been designed to Surfing small summer waves without power.  

"The light wind weapon with an infinite glide"

“Do you want to sail as often as possible and have fun even in the smallest conditions? Surfing wind swells endlessly? Leaving in 8 kn? Pumping ultra easily? This wing allows you to do just that! You will rediscover your usual spots, and will be able to exploit them 100%”

It’s the perfect kite to discover downwind and surfing sensations. Everything will seem easy to you. You will also be able to try your hand at dockstart very easily.

champion kitesurf bruno sroka

Bruno SROKA's feelings

Wingfoil & Down wind: “It’s my go-to toy for very light swell conditions; The slightest undulation is enough to make the ride last indefinitely! It’s the perfect kite to avoid headaches and maximize your pleasure on the water!”

Surf foil: “Once in the air, the pumping ease of this kite allows you to string together countless waves effortlessly. Once you’ve tasted the pleasure of this wing, it’s hard to move on!”

Do you already own a SROKA foil? What changes?

I already have a SROKA wing

If you already have a 1750 wing for example, vYou’ll leave just as early and be even more stable thanks to the wingspan. LA 1350 Lift will bring you more glide and a little more speed. You’ll be able to surf much longer on even smaller swell trains.

I already have a SROKA wing

If you own an 1190 speed, you will gain in power background to leave much earlier, but you will go slower. The small wind swell will become even easier to surf and You’ll glide endlessly. The 1350 will be your light wind or down wind kite. It will become your favorite toy in small wave conditions!

1350 lift complet foil
1350 lift de profil
1350 3D


We select the best materials for these high-tech parts. Around the ultra-dense and lightweight Airex foam, a pre-preg  carbon is draped specifically with great care. You can feel its mechanical qualities in each pumping stroke to give back maximum energy and in the exceptional gliding sensations it provides.

We designed the HA 1350 Lift to deliver the ultimate gliding experience. It is the front wing with the highest ratio in the range. This allows it to stay in the air no matter what: impossible to fall back once it is in the air. It has the same profile as the 1190 Lift. This profile allows it to leave very early, while having a good cruising speed . To do this, we have reduced the thickness of the profile to increase the glide and thus considerably increase the V max of the 1350 HA Lift fin.

The take-off is very smooth. The Lift profile is more generous in the center, allowing excellent grip at low revs and a wing that responds perfectly to pumping. The tips are refined and worked to reduce disturbance and increase maneuverability. The intrado has been particularly well cared for, with a stall that further accelerates the take-off.

In the end, we have a wing that takes off immediately with a very good speed potential, to exploit all the wave trains.

The pumping itself is super simple and incredibly effective. Once launched, it only takes a tiny ripple to allow the HA 1350 to reveal its full potential.

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