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Sky Rider 4’8 & 5’2 Wing Foil Board


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Sky Rider 4’8 & 5’2 Wing Foil Board

We have developed this range of small foiling boards to allow you to continue to progress and improve. Until now, we have offered boards with a volume of more than 90 L. But with the general level of riders progressing, we meet your expectations with shorter boards, perfect for jumping, for going faster, for having more maneuverability in the waves or in freestyle. The Sky Rider 4’8 and 5’2 were created with this in mind.

Our product has been built to last. We’ve found that all too often, boards have issues with brittleness, breakage, delamination, and deck sinking when riders demand minimal performance from their foil board. That’s why we’ve stayed true to our philosophy: creating durable, high-performance products while eliminating 99.9% of after-sales service. There’s no way your board will break after 15 sessions or a few jumps.

The Sky Rider 4’8 or 5’2 wingfoil board is perfect for freestyle, race or wave fun. With a good board width, stability is there, especially at the start. These super versatile boards are for intermediate and experienced riders to take their riding to the next level.


Discover our new Sky rider 4'8 & 5"2 in video!

What they say about us: tests and opinions of the 4'8 and 5'2 Sky Rider boards

These boards have been tested and approved by Foiling Magazine and, find the full tests by clicking on the photos

“It is the perfect flat water board for freeride, racing and entry freestyle” ( Foiling magazine)

“The Sroka brand clearly shows its desire to offer products with a very good quality of manufacture. And we really liked this float, for its shape and that feeling of solidity, even after passing through our hands, it doesn’t seem to have moved. There are many competing floats in this range suitable for experienced sailors of average build and this Sky Rider deserves to be among the best of them. (

The best possible construction for your wingfoil boards

We don’t build disposable products. We developed this board almost a year ago. We could have released it right away, but during that time, we tested the strength and durability of this construction by putting it through everything our testers could throw at it.

Our Sky Rider 4’8 (67L) and 5’2 (77L) are among the only ones on the market to be made entirely of carbon PVC sandwich

(or PVC fiberglass sandwich

), your choice). This box contains a very dense polystyrene bar. Similarly, all potential points of fragility have been boosted to the maximum. From the strap inserts to the leash plug, including the carrying handle, all these connections are glued in a PVC block and reinforced for maximum durability over time.

The two US rails are not only glued on the surface like a majority of brands, but in a
large block of PVC that runs through the entire board
. This construction is not only a guarantee of durability, it is a prerequisite for performance. In contrast to less successful constructions, you can feel the foil entirely thanks to its impressive overall rigidity.

This construction has a direct impact on the longevity of your equipment. Saving natural resources through the production of long-lasting materials is becoming increasingly important.

Be careful, unlike the other Sky Rider, these boards are currently produced in China. To make the difference, the French boards have a logo made in France on the deck and a premium glossy finish. To find our boards made in France, it’s here. We also explain how our boards are built in an article.

PVC Carbon Sandwich

PVC Fiberglass Sandwich

A high-performance shape

The relatively wide and short outline combined with a bulb at the front (only on the 4’8) of the board allows a very accessible kneeling start despite the small volume of the board. Once in the air, this outline allows for ultra-efficient pumping and easy landings. This super complete and versatile shape is paired with a case slightly further forward towards the center of the board, providing exceptional maneuverability in the waves.

The clean cut out of the bottom is very pleasant when surfing as well as when landing jumps. It also makes it easier to get off to a flying start by reducing the volume at the back to optimize your pumping and avoids dragging too much at the start.

The double concave at the front of the hull makes it easier to start and touch when landing jumps. With a moderate rocker, this hull allows you to take off immediately in all conditions, and to recover easily when you hit the water. The burrs on the rails also allow for smooth retrieval when the rail bites the water. On the deck side, there is also a hollow deck that lowers the center of gravity on the water and thus optimizes the control of the board by increasing its responsiveness.


The strap inserts on your Sky Rider board are reinforced and offer multiple positioning options (5 positions per insert), to allow you to easily adapt to any foil configuration.

The lengthwise ridged pads provide maximum grip, even when strapless. By adding the kickpad to the back, you’ll be perfectly connected to the wave during your surfs. Its thickness makes it comfortable underfoot when sailing or taking off on your knees, and the colored markings allow you to immediately find your bearings on deck.

At the level of the US rails, you will find a marking of the case that allows precise positioning of the foil on the rails and personalized adjustments. This is very useful especially if you are using the footstraps. In addition, there is a wide, deep and comfortable carrying handle. Finally, the pressure relief valve is automatic: no more risk of forgetting to open or close it depending on the circumstances!

Your Sky Rider have been thought and designed by wing lovers, with all the essential equipment for a successful practice.


We offer packaging that is 99% recyclable, reusable and more efficient. Thanks to our honeycomb technology, your board is perfectly protected during transport. Best of all, we’ve managed to do more with less. All these materials capable of reducing our environmental impact on our spotlights form a reusable product. You can fold the honeycombs into a thin strip that is easy to store. If you need to go on a trip, simply unfold it to get high-quality packaging that is incredibly light and durable.

Choisir sa planche Sroka pour wingfoil

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

Share your most beautiful moments with #besroka on Insta and we will rest you with @srokawatersports ! Also join our Sroka Sessions Facebook group now to be kept up to date with all the latest news, and you will find tutorials and videos related to our brand on our Youtube channel.

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Weight 10 kg

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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