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Sky Rider Wing Foil Board: 6’3

Original price was: 1099,00€.Current price is: 800,00€.

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“Progress quickly and enjoy maneuverability that will never fail you, easy take-off even on rough water and maximum stability with the Sky rider 6’3”

This Sky rider 6’3 has been designed to accompany you in your progress and allow you to evolve as quickly as possible with maximum pleasure and ease.

In order to keep our price DNA, we have launched this Sky Rider board in the continuity of the 5’2 and the 4’8 while maintaining an attractive price of 1099 euros including VAT.

The shapes of these new boards are more compact, thus reducing the length of the boards and increasing maneuverability.

We want to offer you the best alternative with maximum performance. Based on this observation, we keep a full sandwich construction on the hull to make it indestructible and to follow you for a long time. It is a very stressed place, especially with the junction of the foil and a sandwich under the pads, which guarantees maximum rigidity under the supports and prevents the deck from settling under the heels during jumps for example. To further increase the rigidity of the assembly, two layers of carbon are placed on the US rails.

All boards are constructed of PVC, fiberglass and carbon fiber sandwich depending on the models with the strongest fibers on the market.




Take control of the board very quickly, and exploit your abilities to the fullest, the 6’3 is the easiest in the range, you will fly without even having time to complain.


Starting from scratch, this board will take you to maneuvers you can’t imagine doing yet.


The program of this board is freeride, which means that it allows exceptional versatility in the choice of your spots and conditions.


We make it a point of honor to create solid and durable boards, which will not be damaged by the slightest impact and which will follow you throughout your evolution. The quality of the materials used and the manufacturing processes
(sandwich construction)
used to withstand the harshest conditions will ensure that you will keep your board for many years.

We are convinced that it is important to invest in a very good quality wingfoil board to Do not have to change it after a few sessions for reliability reasons. In the same vein, it seems inconceivable that you will be limited by your board as soon as you progress, which is why the Sky rider 6’3 will allow you to progress without ever hindering yourself.

The hull is constructed of full sandwich PVC fiberglass. This is the strongest structure for wingfoil boards. It is also present under the pads on the deck.

What’s changing this year:

  • The gears are advanced to bring the center of gravity of the board closer to the center of thrust of the foil. This match will give you more control, stability and lightness on this 6’3 sky rider as well as a better feeling when sailing. This results in a board with slightly less unnecessary volume in the front, which is an advantage in flight. The volume is refocused above the supports, which allows a 15% gain in manoeuvrability in flight with this type of board.

Shape & Equipment


The burls have been reworked to improve the rebound of the rail when touching. The board glides without slowing you down to prevent you from falling.

Cut out

The large cut-out at the rear eliminates the suction effect and makes it easier to take off and improves glide by limiting drag.

Double concave

The double concave at the front of the hull makes it easier to pick up speed to take off more easily. This allows the water to be better dispersed when touching to reduce adhesion to the water and promote gliding.

Non-slip pads

The large non-slip pad on all our boards ensures that your footing on the board is held and stable at all times. It also helps to limit abrasions in the knees.

Strap inserts

All sizes are equipped with strap inserts. They can come in handy if you want more control and maneuverability. If you’re hesitant about taking straps, take a look at our article to help you make the right choice.


An ergonomic handle underneath the board will allow you to carry it easily.

Technology & Construction

The details of the sky Rider 6'3

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